Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pastor Jeff's First Sunday

We've had such a good Sunday. Great day at church. It was our new pastor's first Sunday. I was impressed with the way he led our church this morning. There was just something about seeing every person who could kneel...down on their knees in prayer.


After church, we stopped to speak to the pastor on our way out...because there's just one of him, but there's a bunch of church members, and we want to help him know our names. In fact, the staff asked us all to wear name-tags this Sunday, just to help him out.

So, Pastor Jeff turned around to see Joshua staring.him.down. So Pastor Jeff stuck out his hand to greet him, and said, "Hi, are you?" And Joshua said, "good." And because the Pastor Jeff can't see Joshua's name-tag BECAUSE HE IS WEARING HIS LEATHER JACKET over his shirt and it is 92 degrees outside, I said, "this is Joshua." And Pastor Jeff said, "Hi, Joshua...I'm Jeff."

And Joshua looked straight at him and said, in his best HOW DUMB ARE YOU voice, "Uhhhhhh...I KNOW."

We picked up Subway for lunch and brought it home. Clark and Faith came over and ate with us, and hung out for a little while.

Jim had gone to meet his Dad count and mark trees to be cut on some family land. When he got home, he plopped down on the couch (that is covered in blankets, bc "blanket people") in the OVER-ALLS and shirt he had been wearing while out tromping in the woods. I said (sweetly), "you might want to take off those clothes and put them in the laundry room," and he said, "I really went heavy on the bug spray. I sprayed it ALL OVER my clothes, so I don't think I have any ticks on me."


Last night when he got into bed, and moved close to me, I said (sweetly), "SCOOCH OVER with your tick-infested body."

(Because y'all know I'm writing two books on marriage, right? The first one is called, "Get OFF Me," and the second one is called, "Don't Touch Me There.") (I'm expecting them to fly off the shelves)


And then he says...he says..."It's okay...I don't have any ticks on me."


Scooch over, anyway. Because, do you know what? My husband updated his phone to the iOS 9. As we were sitting at dinner at the pizza place WITH 3 OF OUR KIDS and Aaron-the-son-in-law, he says, "Moose, look what all it DOES!" He showed me how it can monitor your heart-rate and different things like that. He was also pretty excited to show me that it also keeps up with OTHER things.

Did you know that it can also monitor and keep track of "OTHER THINGS?" Like, private, married-couple things?

Um. Yes. Apparently it can.

And let me just say one thing: that is NOT HAPPENING or nothing else will be happening.

Because, really...nothing says romance like, "wait, honey...let me update my phone..."

ANYWAY, where was I?

Oh, yeah. TICKS.

This afternoon, I overheard Jim talking to his Dad on the phone. He, JIM, casually mentioned that he had pulled one tick off of him last night. Hmmmmm...OH, REALLY? And THEN I heard him say, "I was sitting on the couch just now, and I felt something bite I looked down and picked a tick off of my leg."


Ya think?

Anyway, Clark and Faith went over to Faith's house to have dinner with her parents and grandparents. They loaded up her stuff, and came back over here to get Clark's stuff. I went with them to the gas station, and filled up his tank...and then they left.

Oh, wait. They didn't leave-leave.

They went to meet her parents and grandparents at an ice-cream place in town. WHAT IS IT WITH THESE KIDS AND ICE-CREAM?

And THEN they headed out of town.

I just heard from them, and they made it back safely. Praise the Lord. And I heard from Holly, and she made it home safely from work, Praise the Lord. Aaron wasn't at church this morning, so I don't know how he spent his day. And I heard from Logan...actually, I heard from MORGAN...and they had had a good day, and they are doing well. Praise the Lord. And, Joshua is sitting here on the couch. He is on the phone with Jenni-the-girlfriend. Their conversations are always interesting. For example, he just told her, "that would be gross...and horrifying." BAHAHAHAHA. I have no idea what they are talking about, but it was so funny!

So I guess all of my chickies are accounted for. I miss them, but I sure am proud of them...and so thankful that God allowed me to be their Mom. :)

"Our children will also serve Him. Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord. His righteous acts will be told to those not yet born. They will hear about everything He has done." Psalm 22:30-31

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