Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trolley, Picnic and No Ice-Cream

This morning, I woke up with a plan. Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation, that he attends 3 days a week, is a 35-40 minute drive for us. Each way. I typically try to stay in Little Rock and keep myself busy...so that I'm not running home...and then driving back...and then driving back home.

I didn't choose the street life...the street life chose me.

It gets old, some days. I can typically keep myself pretty busy. I have a few "haunts" and places I go where I feel safe...altho, with the rash of crimes going around, I don't know that any place is completely safe. I also try to meet friends for lunch, visit people in the hospital...stuff like that...and it fills up the days.

But today was one of "those" days. I wasn't feelin' it and I didn't really want to spend the day in LR...so my "plan" was to come home (and then go back to get Joshua...and then come back home). I had made a grocery list and had a general idea of how I was going to spend the day.

On the way to LR, Holly called. She had to be at a class for her work this morning. It was supposed to last from 9-5...but they had some sort of technical difficulties that they could not get ironed out, so they had to cancel the class at 9:30. I was sad for her, because now she'll have to make another trip to take it on another day...but she said, "wanna hang out?" and that made me excited!

I dropped Joshua off, and drove to meet Holly. We had such a fun day. :) I realize what a blessing it is to live in the same town as my daughter. We enjoy spending time together, and I never, ever take it for granted.

While Holly and I were hanging out, Joshua was having fun of his own. His group planned to spend the day in downtown LR. The first thing they did was ride the trolley. They LOVED this. And then they had a picnic down at the River Market area. They brought their own lunches. After lunch, they went to get ice-cream.

Joshua doesn't like ice-cream. He says it's too "code." (cold) He's never been a big ice-cream/popsicle fan. We have this little place in town called, "Arkansas Pineapple Whip," and Joshua LOVES it. It has surprised all of us, because it's definitely "code."

Joshua and I hit the grocery store right as we got back into town, and then we came home. I made quiche for dinner...and asparagus and a big salad. It was really good. And then we spent the rest of the night hanging out here.

I love ordinary days. :)

"For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise..." Psalm 96:4

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