Friday, September 18, 2015

Joshua's TR Update: Showering, Wolves & The Dishwasher

Jim and I went to pick up Joshua from his 2 day adventure at camp with his Therapeutic Recreation FRIENDS. He had a GREAT time, and was so happy to see us. Since it was lunch-time, we decided to stop at the nearest Chick-Fil-A and grab lunch. This turned into Jim and I sitting quietly...and listening to Joshua give us a play-by-play of every minute he was gone.

Just before we got there this morning, they were fishing. Joshua said he didn't catch anything, but one of the girls "caught the same fish twice."


He also told me that when he called me last night, he was waiting on his turn in the shower. I asked him if there was more than one shower in their cabin, or just one shower. He said, "there are more showers, but Kendra said to wait." I asked why she told them to wait (they had a girl cabin and a boy cabin, and Kendra was helping with the girls), and Joshua said, "she was in there with G."

"G" is the biggest, tallest person you can imagine. I said, "what was Kendra doing?" Joshua said, "she was showering him."


Reminded me of the time when I took Joshua to our local Sports Clips. I sat in the waiting area...where I could see him getting his hair-cut. I got out my phone and was checking emails and things. When I looked up, Joshua was GONE. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom, but his stylist was gone, too. I waited a couple of minutes and when he still hadn't come back, I stood up and walked back there. Just then, I saw him coming out of the back room. He had the biggest grin on his face you have ever seen. I said, "JOSHUA! Where'd you go?" He pointed over at his stylist and said, "she showered me."

Apparently, after so many hair-cuts, you get a free "treatment" of some sort. Joshua LOVED it. And this is why I now say, "HAIR CUT ONLY" when I bring him to the local Sports Clips. :)

Anyway, Joshua also told me that, last night, around the campfire, he looked up and saw the moon. He said, "I didn't howl." (Joshua LOVES wolves, so I wasn't too surprised he said this) I said, "you didn't?" He said, " would've scared the girls. Plus, the moon wasn't full."

We are so thankful to have him home. He was moderately frustrated when we told Jim told him that he had to bring the trashcan from the curb all by himself...and that I had to unload the dishwasher by myself. He said, "I don't MIND doing those chore when I'm home...I just thought that SOMEONE would STEP UP and do them while I was gone."

And you just have to know that one of the very first things he did when he got home guessed it: unloaded the dishwasher.

Holly came over later this afternoon...and Clark walked in at the same time. He came home to surprise us! He hadn't planned on coming home, but Faith-the-girlfriend's grandparents were going to be in town, so he just came on with her. As soon as Aaron-the-son-in-law got home from work, we ALL went out to eat for dinner.

And now we are home, settling in for the night. I'd love it if Logan and Morgan were here. Even so, I'm a pretty happy Mommy. So thankful for a safe camping trip for Joshua, and for the blessing of seeing my family tonight.

"Day by day the Lord takes care of the innocent, and they will receive an inheritance that lasts forever." Psalm 37:18

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