Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hump Dayyyy: The Big Darn Bridge and BWW

Hump Dayyyy! The commercials with the camels? They just haven't gotten old to me yet. I guess because my boys never really got on board with that whole thing. If they had, I probably would want to jump off a bridge every time I heard it.

Today, Joshua's group went to walk the Big Dam Bridge. Joshua calls it the Big "DARN" Bridge. I think he started calling it that because, after the last time his Therapeutic Recreation group walked it, he told his grandmother, "I walked that whole dam bridge." And...even tho I knew what he head spun around faster than the girl in the old commercials for the Exorcist movie.

It was hilarious and OH MY WORD at the same time. We tried not to react in front of him, because if Joshua thought it was funny...he would probably say it again.

And again.

At church.

It was really funny. :)

He said they had a great time walking the bridge. He, of course, brought his trusty back-pack with him. It had sunscreen, chap-stick, sunglasses, a cap, bug spray, mouth spray and extra hankies.


Joshua put on sunscreen when they got to the bridge...and then, when they got to the middle and stopped to sit and rest and admire the river...he whipped out the sunscreen to re-apply. He does NOT want to get burned. As soon as all the FRIENDS saw him, they decided that they wanted sunscreen, too, so he had a big time spraying all of them. And that's how I may need to send him with a new can of sunscreen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, his group is volunteering with Habitat For Humanity! They will be doing some painting on a project site. They are SO EXCITED! The FRIENDS love to help others!

"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

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