Friday, July 29, 2016

Rhodie's Rough Day & He's 6 Weeks Old

Yesterday, I went over to Holly's house, and stayed most of the day. We always have these big plans that we are going to "do" something in her house: put up pictures, things on the wall, paint something. Instead, we ate lunch, and she fed Rhodes...and then I held him while she took a shower, and we watched two episodes of Downton Abbey.

We are very late to the party, I realize, but for the past TWO summers, we've been saying that we were going to start watching it...but we never did. I finally got out the DVDs I had bought, and we started watching them early in the summer. I thought it might be a good distraction for her while she waited for Rhodie to be born.

I didn't like the first episode at all, but I decided to watch the next one...and the series has grown on me. We just finished Season 2 yesterday, and I'm excited to watch Season 3. There are just SO MANY CHARACTERS to keep up with...and I'm having the hardest time with the accents. Several times I'll look over at Holly, and ask, "what'd they say?" And we'll wind it back until we figure it out.

The funniest thing is that, we started watching these when Holly was big pregnant, and she was exhausted...from being big pregnant. Before the episode would be over, she'd be sound asleep...and so we'd have to rewind it the next time, so she could catch up.

We've figured out that it's the music at the beginning of the show. It lulls her to sleep like a tranquilizer. Even yesterday, she was lying on the couch...looking like she was asleep. She finally said, "I don't know what it is, but I cannot keep my eyes open...but I've been listening to it."

If only that music would have the same effect on Rhodie...then they could play it for him at night before bedtime.

When we got home, we decided to order Chinese food for dinner. We invited Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law over. Aaron doesn't like Chinese food, but Holly LOVES it. He ended up getting his own dinner somewhere, and met her here at our house.

Logan and Morgan came for a visit last night. They were so excited to see the baby, and spend some time with him.

Jim was off today, so I thought we might make our big "Saturday style" breakfast...since Logan and Morgan would be heading down to her parents, to spend tonight and tomorrow with them. He said, "well, I wasn't really planning on cooking a big breakfast today." I asked, "why not?" He said, "because I had eggs yesterday."



Well, we made our big breakfast...and then Jim and I ate together, because everyone else was still asleep. I called and invited Holly and Rhodie to come over...and they did. They stayed over here all day.

Rhodie had a rough day. Not a bad day...he just wasn't himself. He was extremely fussy, which made Holly concerned that something was wrong with him. He didn't feel warm or anything, and he ate and went potty regularly. He was just not content. Holly felt something she had eaten had affected him. I assured her that babies are a lot like us: there are days when we just feel "blah," and we can't really put our finger on WHY.

He is still the sweetest just broke our hearts to see him so upset. Usually, you can hold him a certain way, or do certain things that will calm him down. Not today. Or, not for very long. It was just very uncharacteristic of him, because he's usually pretty happy. He is 6 weeks old today.

I'm sure hoping they all get some rest tonight.

It was a good day. I always love it when all of the kids are here.

"May Your unfailing love be my comfort..." Psalm 119:76

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Painting and Ceiling Fans

Today, two friends from the town-my-kids-call-home came to take me out to lunch for my birthday. I was so excited!

Plus, they wanted to see the baby.

That's probably the REAL reason they came, but whatever. I was so looking forward to seeing them.

I got up early, and did some laundry...stuff like that. I started to get ready. I did my hair and make-up, but kept my pajammies on.

I decided to run upstairs to Clark's room, and do some painting real quick. I've painted all the walls in his room, except for the part that's behind the corner shelves.

Clark has these black shelves that fit in the corner. They go almost up to the ceiling. I took everything off of them, and piled it all on Clark's bed. Then, I carefully pulled the shelves out away from the wall...about 3 feet...and painted the wall behind them.

Then, I thought to myself, "SELF? You've talked about painting those shelves...why don't you slap one coat on them real fast?"

So, I dusted the shelves, and got out all of the gunk...and then I started painting.

I thought I would start at the top...and go to the bottom. Problem is...I'm short, and can't reach the top. And EVEN THO THE LADDER WAS RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM, I didn't even THINK about using it. Instead, I put one foot on Clark's bed...and then I hopped up to put my other foot on the already rickety shelves...and stood there until I got my balance.

Yeah. Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

All of a sudden, I heard a crack...and I felt searing pain in my head. Apparently I had forgotten that I had turned the ceiling fan on for air-circulation...and it is what hit my head. Hence the CRACK sound.

I fell/almost fainted into the shelves...and they started swaying back and forth...with ME on them. My main concern, besides the throbbing pain in my head, was that I was going to spill the can of paint everywhere.

Never fear. I saved it.

My second concern was that I was gonna die.

I didn't.

My third concern was that I was going to have a concussion.

I didn't.

I came downstairs and I seriously wanted to cry. Like, ugly cry. But two of my friends were coming to take me out for lunch, and they are always all put together...and even tho they wouldn't judge me if I had streaks all down my face, and puffy red eyes...I didn't want them to see me like that.

So, I filled up a Ziplock bag with ice, and sat in my chair...and, despite my best efforts, tears spilled down my cheeks. I took some Motrin. After about 20 minutes, I went and put on my clothes, and then went to take Joshua to stay at Holly's house for a while. And, honestly...and I couldn't believe this, either...but after about 5 minutes of holding my Holly's head felt a LOT better.

I had fun seeing my friends, and I managed to make it through lunch without ever mentioning the "incident." But they came back to Holly's house to see Rhodie, and Holly brought it now they know for sure what they already kind of suspected: I'm a klutz.

Anyway, that's my day in a nutshell...and also why I might not do anymore painting for a while.

"The LORD is my light and my salvation-so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?" Psalm 27:1

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Birthday: 2016

I have had the best day! It's my birthday!

First of all, I woke up alive...which is good. Altho the alternative would be amazing, but my kids don't like for me to talk that way.

God must not be finished with me yet!

The main thing I had to do today was renew my driver's license. Why they make it due on your birthday...and not at the end of your birthday MONTH, I'll never know.

Joshua went with me. We walked in, and there was only ONE customer in there. I know, right? It's a miracle. Even Joshua goes, "WHOA."

I got a really nice clerk. She asked me if I still wanted to be an organ donor (yes!). She asked me to confirm our address. She asked me how tall I was. BUT THEN...she asked how much I weighed, and y'all? I did not bat an eye as I lied responded, "115 lbs."

She started laughing uncontrollably, and excused herself to the back office. I could hear her howling, even through the closed door.

The clerk next to her had to take over. She asked me what happened to set her friend off, so I told her what I'd said. She looked at me over her glasses, and said, "it don't matter to us what you say you weigh, ma'am, but be prepared...if you go missing, the poh-lice will be looking for a skinny, white girl."

UMMM...think I'll take my chances, lady!

My driver's license has said I weigh 115 lbs, since I was in the 10th grade...and I wasn't really interested in changing it...but I mumbled my true weight under my breath. Glad I did, because then I had to sign a statement saying that all of the information I had provided was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the help me God.

Glad I didn't lie!

I spent almost the whole day with Holly and Rhodie. I love them both so much. And Joshua...can't forget Joshua. He's almost always with me, and he makes every day better. :) And Jim...he came home from work early, to hang out with us.

The BEST thing that happened today was that my sister, Leanne, and her 4 kids, came to see me! Well...actually, they came to see Rhodie...but whatever. It's my birthday! :)

Leanne said they had a rare 3 day window, when all 4 kids were they drove up to see my Dad...and then went to St. Louis for 2 days. One of my niece's friends was in a show up there. On their way back, they stopped to see Logan and Morgan for lunch...and then they drove here. They were all anxious to see the baby.

They only stayed a couple of hours, but it sure was fun!

It was a great day for this not-so-skinny, white girl. :)

"Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere..." Psalm 84:10

Monday, July 25, 2016

It's 94 Degrees...Bring Out the Parkas!

Isn't it weird that when it's 80 feels hot. But when it's 90 degrees, 80 feels so much cooler?

That's the way it was today. Only, instead of it being 100 degrees, it was mid-90's, and I could really tell a difference. I mean, bring out the parkas, right?

Joshua and I went over to Holly's house this morning, and we stayed all day. I went to the grocery for both of us...and I picked up lunch. I got to hold and rock the baby...and I helped Holly put some things on her walls.

And, by that I mean that I may of may not have climbed up on a chair, and then stood with my bare feet on my grandmother's order to nail up pictures on her wall. If she could, she would spin in her grave at the thought of me standing on her beloved piano.

We headed home at dinnertime. When we got in my car, which had been parked out in Holly's driveway all day, it was 102 degrees...but that's better than the 109 it was one day last week. Ha.

I worked some in Clark's room today. It is a MESS up there. I started the re-do project while he was on his trip to East Asia. He was gone 3 weeks, and so I had planned to start and finish it in that amount of time. I mean, that seems reasonable, right?

But then Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law bought a new house, and my time was spent packing up things at their house and helping them move. Not complaining at all, but Clark's room re-do was moved to the back-burner. I talked to him about it, because I felt bad. He said, in his best over-exaggerated country drawl, "don't even worry yourself about it, is NOT a big deal."

Just working on it this morning, and then again tonight...has made a huge difference. I just have one small patch of his wall left to paint, and then that part is DONE. I have already bought the bedding and curtains. I plan on painting his shelves and a desk. I have things ordered to go on his walls, but they haven't come in yet.

Just trying to make his room look like the room of a college boy. Man. College young man.

I'm really tired tonight.

Also? This election year is about to I'm about to vote for anyone in any party who will place a term-limit on the amount of campaign time the candidates can have. Like, limit it to 60 days or something. I am over it.


I am so thankful to live in a country where we are free to talk and debate and campaign and VOTE. I used to get all riled up if "my" candidate or "my" party didn't get in the White House, and then my Dad very calmly told me that that was the American Way. And to be thankful.

I'm also thankful that this world is not my home. Presidents and other elected officials will come and go...but it will not change my destiny. My hope is in Jesus, and my HOME is in Heaven.

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:2

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Update: IT'S SO HOT


I know it's summer, and I don't really want to complain about it. We usually have 4 distinct seasons in Arkansas...but summer came on with a vengeance. And in JULY, of all times. Makes me kinda scared for August!

I mean, you know it's bad when the meteorologists are saying the temperatures this coming week will be in the mid-to-upper 90's, and everyone is freaking out like it's the firsts snowfall of the season!

Fortunately, we have been able to stay close to home. Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group is not meeting again until the Fall. Oh, they are having their annual pool party, but that's not til mid-August. Clark's summer job is over, so I don't have to worry about him getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way this heat. We have enjoyed having him here...hanging out here, helping out with the baby.

This week, he is working a church camp at his college. He is so excited about it. We'll see how excited he is after he's with 3rd-6th graders all week. Ha!

I love to see my kids serving God by serving others. Whether it's singing in the choir, helping out in the nursery, being the greeters at church, taking the offering...or working a church camp. it blesses my heart.

We stayed here all weekend. We went out for dinner on Saturday night, and Jim said it was the first time we've been out for dinner as a family in a WHILE. I told him that if he had offered to pick something up for us...I would've been fine with staying at home. The heat just drains us all...and makes us all irritable. So we try to stay NOT-irritable...and just don't get out in it too much if we don't have to. If I have errands, I try to get them all done in the mornings, so we can settle in here for the rest of the day.

We had a good crowd in our small group today. One of the girls in our class brought her TWO WEEK OLD BABY with her this morning. When we got home, I was telling Holly about it. Rhodie is 5 weeks, and still has barely left the house...which is awesome! She couldn't get past the fact that someone would bring a 2 week old baby to church...but I got to hold her, so it's all GOOD. :)

I made chicken'n'dumplin's for dinner tonight, which is not really a "summertime" dish. I typically make it in the Fall and Winter, but it was Clark's request before he leaves for church camp. It was good!

Holly, Aaron-the-son-in-law, and Rhodes...all came over for a short visit to round out the weekend.

Hot, quiet, relaxing, fun.

"It is good to proclaim Your unfailing love in the morning, Your faithfulness in the evening..." Psalm 92:2