Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday: Cake and SPANX

We've had a great Sunday...I hope you have, too!

We went to SS and church. We missed last week because we were out-of-town (see this post on the GALA we attended and how I ended up sleeping in my clothes!), so it was good to be back where we belong. :)

We came home after, and ate some of the re-runs (what Joshua calls left-overs) from the night before. Jim took Joshua to the gym, and I did laundry.

After Jim got home, he mowed our backyard, and then we went up to his office. He is moving to a different office, so we loaded up some of the stuff that he's taking with him. We ran by the grocery, and I ran in for a few things...and then we picked up dinner and brought it home to eat.

Amen and Amen.

Now I'm just waiting for bedtime...because, if you read my post from yesterday, our college boy was driving back to school from NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. In the middle of the night.

In the literal middle-of-the-night.

I did not sleep well, and so every time I even kind of woke up...I checked my phone. He finally texted me that he had made it back to 5:20 a.m. Twenty-four hours almost to the minute from the time he left the morning before.

I figured he would sleep all day, but he texted me several hours later, and said he was at church with his roommate.

Yes, it's been a good day, but I've kind of felt like a zombie. I don't need a lot of sleep, but I do better if I can get it in concentrated chunks of time. When I'm tired, I don't make the wisest choices of what I say or do, or what I eat. Kinda like when I take Benadryl.

ANYWAY, this might explain why, after my semi-nutritious breakfast this morning...I ate a piece of cake. And I'm using the word, "piece," verrrry loosely.

Holly's friends sent us home with the whole bottom layer of the cake from the shower. It's in the bottom of a big, deep box. I cut a big chunk, and gave it to Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law. I cut a big chunk to send home with Logan and Morgan. And I cut a big chunk to mail to my college boy.

But that left a big chunk down in the bottom of the big, deep box...and this morning? After my breakfast...and before we left for church? I stuck a fork down in that big, deep box, pulled out big hunks of cake...and ate them like an animal.

Oh yes, I did.

Sorry not sorry.

But it might explain why, after I got to our small group class, I excused myself and went to the ladies' room and took off my SPANX. They just didn't feel right. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the cake. I stuffed those bad boys down in my purse...and went back to class like nothing had happened.

And no one was the wiser.

Let's just keep this between us.

And let's pray I get a good night's sleep tonight!

"You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly." Proverbs 3:24

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Baby Shower, and How My Kids Are Trying to Kill Me

We've had the best day.

But, before I get to that, I just want to say that my kids are trying to kill me.

And, if you have kids? One day...your kids will try to kill you, too.

Oh, there are times when they don't mean, when they're sick, or when their friends aren't including them, or when you find out that they didn't make the squad. Your heart will feel like it's breaking into a million pieces, because you love them so much, and it KILLS you to see them hurting.

You can't really help those times.

But then there are times, like this past Friday night...when your married son and his wife say they are coming "home" for the night...and you wait. And you wait. And you wait.

And, because you don't want to bother them or nag them, since they are adults and wait until you can't stand it any longer and are wanting to GO TO BED because it's almost 10 o'clock at night and they still aren't there...and you text to ask him their ETA, and you get these words back: "we haven't left yet."

And they live 2 1/2 hours away.

You see what they're doing to me? Because OF COURSE I'm going to stay up until they get here. It was a long night for this ol' gal.

And then, today, our college boy decided to go with a group of friends up to Nashville, Tennessee to some sort of "festival" to hear a particular band...and they had to leave at 5:30 IN THE MORNING, because it's a 6 HOUR TRIP EACH WAY. They made it safely, and all of that...but now they are going to be driving back to school, and probably won't get there until 3 in the morning or later.


The best part of today, aside from having Logan and Morgan here with us, is that Holly's college friends threw her a baby shower! We got ready and headed down to Little Rock...Holly, Morgan, and me.

It was so fun! All of her friends were so kind, and so excited for her. Three of the girls already have babies of their own, so it was neat to see them all as little Mommies. I am so thankful for the friendships Holly shares with each one of those girls. What a blessing they have been, and will continue to they raise their children together.

It was a day full of blessings, and we are so thankful. 

And now? We wait. And we three of our children travel long distances on dark highways in bad weather...knowing that God's hand is not too short that He can't save them...wherever they are. And begging God for travel mercies and protection for them as they drive. And asking for peace for this worried Momma's heart.

"Behold, the Lord’s hand is not so short that it cannot save; Nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear." Isaiah 59:1

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On Making the Fake House

Hey...remind me that I want to strangle my son-in-law later, 'k?

We've had a good day! I took Joshua to Therapeutic Recreation this morning, and then ran a couple of errands for Holly. She was in class until noon, so I went and picked up the thank-you cards she had ordered...and then got some paint for her me to touch-up some places in her house.

Did I mention that her husband, my son-in-law, decided they needed more room before the baby comes...IN 7 they listed their house, and are buying another house...and they are having to get their house ready to "show" to prospective buyers.

Which, if you've never done that part...making the "fake" house, and then trying to keep it neat and clean until it sells? That's it's own kind of hell on earth torture.


I mean, thank goodness they don't have children yet...because when our kids were little, and we had to show our house...I may or may not have shoved things into any available receptacle: the dryer, the dishwasher, the oven, the microwave, etc...not to mention throwing 4 kids, 2 dogs, AND A GUINEA PIG into my Burb, and driving around the block until the showing was over.

Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law have only moved a couple of they aren't as experienced as we are. It's hard enough to get things ready for a move when you have plenty of notice. It's REALLY hard when you have 2 weeks.

Holly picked up Joshua after her class, and headed home with him. I met them at her house, and then helped her dust, vacuum, clean, pack boxes...and basically just got things ready.

You know...made the "fake" house.

I really do love my son-in-law, and I am thankful for the way he cares and provides for Holly. I love that he is thinking ahead for what will be best for their growing family. I am hoping and praying that the people who saw it tonight...or the people who are looking at it in the morning...will make a good, solid offer...and we can be done with this craziness!

"He is your constant source of stability..." Isaiah 33:6

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Silicone Rings and My Angel Baby

I published part of this story on Facebook, so if you've already read it there...feel free to skip.

I was in line at Lifeway the other day, when the checker-lady commented on the ring I wear on my "ring finger." 

I haven't been able to wear my actual wedding ring for several years...due to an arthritic condition passed down from my grandmother (thanks a LOT, Mimi). I've had my wedding ring stretched a couple of times already. If I get it big enough to fit over my gigantic Shrek knuckle, it just spins around on the smaller part of my finger. 

Lovely, right?

I hope you aren't eating breakfast or anything.

ANYway, I've been wearing one of those silicone bands, because its soft and stretchy...and I've had no problems getting it off or on. 

And, they're $15. 


Which, I think it says a lot that I'm worth a whole $15...after being married for nearly 36 years.

These rings are marketed to really athletic people, and those who work in jobs where their metal rings might get caught on something. 

So the checker-lady commented on it, and I said, "well, I'M REALLY ATHLETIC...and this ring works better for my lifestyle." 

The whole time, she is nodding, like she believes I am really athletic...which got me thinking that maybe I COULD be really athletic. But then I realized that I really love cheese fries. 

ANYway, the checker-lady was nodding, and I said, "naw...I'm just kidding." And then I heard this really honest lady in line next to me go "mmm...mmm," as she looked me up and down. I looked over at her, and she said, "I'm glad you said you were kidding, because when I heard you say you were really athletic, I looked over...and thought mmm...mmm." 

And then she started laughing. So there's that.

Also, while we were in Lifeway, we saw one of those Willow Tree figurines. It was of a woman holding a baby. I said to Holly: "Awww look, isn't that sweet? That's gonna be me holding your baby!" 😜 She said, "Ummmm...I think that's supposed to be a MOM...holding HER baby." I was, like, "who said?" 

Because the figurine is of a tall, thin, brown-haired, yeah...basically me😜 


It COULD be a grandmother holding her grand-baby, right? 

I told Holly, "it says 'Angel of Mine' on the box...and your baby will be my sweet angel." She said, "it says 'Angel of MINE...' Not 'Angel of HE'S ALL MINE.'" 


"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Zoo, A Lunch Date, Cookies...and Bad Weather

Today has been a good day.

I took Joshua down to Little Rock, because his Therapeutic Recreation group was going to be spending the day at the ZOO! They were all SO excited. Mainly, they were excited to eat lunch at the Cafe Africa restaurant at the Zoo.

It's a well-known fact that the FRIENDS love to eat out. 

Joshua told me he ordered a "tuhkey buhguh" and that it was "pretty good."

Jim had a meeting in LR this afternoon, and said that he could pick up Joshua after he was I got to do something I rarely get to do when Joshua is at TR, and that is...COME HOME. I was so excited!

I love to be at home. I love puttering around in my house...having some concentrated time to read and pray and write. It's a rare treat when I get time at home by myself during the day. I'm not complaining at life is so sweet, and I love that I get to spend each day with Joshua.

But I'm always "on the ready." You know: listening, waiting, planning, thinking. Knowing that Jim was going to be able to pick up Joshua, kind of gave me a little time to relax my mind.

I drove back here, and was able to meet Jim for a lunch-date...which is another rare thing for us to get to do. And then I came home and spent the afternoon making cookies to send to Clark. He's had an awfully hard 3 weeks at college, and I thought he might like a little treat. I love that boy.

Then, I went to the post office to mail he could be sure and have them in 2 days.

I came back home, and started getting things ready for dinner.

My two sisters, and my brother, all live in Texas. Tonight, they are getting slammed with bad weather. One of my sisters texted me and said, "I love y'all...just in case." She was halfway teasing...but STILL.

File that under "I'll take 'things you never want to hear a family member say to you' for $200, Alex."

Prayers would not be wasted on Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas...and points north and east...tonight and tomorrow.

"Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty!" Psalm 93:4