Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Well, I have not been on here much in the past few days. It wasn't intended...just couldn't get it all done, and I was enjoying the time with our family.

Having Logan home on Thursday night was awesome! It gave us a whole extra day with him, and we all loved that! He has a formal thing to attend with Morgan this week, so I took him shopping for some dress clothes...also known as kill me, kill me now.

What is it with boys? Or, maybe it's just MY boys. Or maybe it's just my two younger boys. Joshua loves to shop. Holly loves to shop. Logan and Clark would rather do ANYthing other than shop...even if it's for them. Even if it's for an event that they are choosing to attend!

And not only that, it's like they have the mindset that they are gonna take me down with them. What is that about?

But we had a good Friday and Saturday...and today was full of Easter celebrations and family.

I love Easter. It's probably my favorite holidays...and even tho it was later this year, I felt like it kind of sneaked up on me. We had decided to go to the earlier service at 9:30, and then have Easter lunch at home. This morning, I got up and made Sunday Rolls (cinnamon rolls...we have them every Sunday). I had put a roast in the crock pot last night, so it had our house smelling so good! I made hash brown casserole and green bean casserole. And then, all of a sudden, it was time for me to leave for choir and I nearly freaked because I had to hurry!

After church, I made salad and rolls and deviled eggs. I just tried to keep things simple and tranditional (what Joshua says)...and my kids loved it.

I also made Jim's great-grandmother's purple punch, and might not be what you think! It's purple Kool-Aid and pineapple juice and a WHOLE LOTTA SUGAR!

For lunch, we had our 4 kids and our son-in-law...and Clark's girlfriend, Faith, and we all sat around our dining room table.

After lunch, Faith went to hang out with her family, and my family all fell out in some sort of food induced coma. Clark was on a couch; Aaron was in the leather chair; Jim was in a chair; Logan started out in the recliner, but then moved to his bed in his room. And Holly was laid out, sound asleep, on the floor! And she and Aaron have a perfectly good house just 7 minutes away!

Joshua, who never naps, was upstairs singing his head off to songs on his ipod-touch. At one point, he came downstairs and asked Aaron if he wanted to go out and play frisbee or throw the football around...and my sweet son-in-law is always so kind to say, "yes!" I had given all the kids these little frisbee things that I got at Target for $1. I also put MACE pepper spray in Holly, Morgan and Faith's Easter basket...oh yes, I did.

Because apparently nothing says Easter like frisbees and MACE.

I'm weird. I already know it.

BUT, I was thrilled to have everyone here and that they felt comfortable to just hang out and sleep...or not. Sometimes, I worry that everything is not perfect or neat. In fact, Joshua had not unloaded the dishwasher, and so my sink was full of dishes from the night before. I wasn't even sure we were going to have enough CLEAN FORKS for our Easter lunch, but we did. Thankfully. My Mom always had everything perfect and neat. Or, it seemed that way to me. Going to her house was such a treat. But I'm not her...never was, never will be like her in that way. I DO want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome.

I love having my family and friends here. I spent about 15 minutes shoving stuff into closets and drawers before they got here.

Can I get an Amen?


And then I just went with it. And it was great!

My heart is full and I am so thankful. I don't know why God set me on the path that He did...but I have felt His hand on my life since I was really young. I don' know why God chose my parents for me, but I am so thankful. I don't know why God chose for me to be born here in America...into a loving family where all of my needs were met...where I heard about Jesus from an early age and was taught about Him all of my life...but I am so thankful.

I was just an ordinary girl. I never did drugs or drank or ran around with the wild crowd. But God sent His son to die for ME...because no one can ever be "good" enough to save themselves from their sins on their own. Jesus paid all of that for me...on the cross on that Good Friday over 2000 years ago. I accepted Him as my Savior when I was 10 years old, and my name was written in His book and on His heart, and it can never be erased or taken away!

I am thankful that I will be in Heaven when I die...that I'll get to see my Mom and my Grandmother...and my family and friends who have gone before me. But the BEST part of being a Christian, for me, is that He is with me EVERY DAY. And I need Him EVERY DAY.

Every minute of every day.

"I give them eternal life, and they will never perish--ever! No one will snatch them out of my hand. John 10:28

Friday, April 18, 2014

Track and Good Friday

So, Clark had a track meet yesterday. It was his first meet in about 2 weeks, because at the last meet, his hamstring pulled and he had to scratch out of his races.

He ran really well yesterday.

We had to drive over 2 hours to get to the meet...which we don't ever mind doing, but I can hardly stand it. I am always so anxious to get there!

There were quite a few teams at this meet, and Clark's whole team did very well. They came in 2nd over all.

After the meet was over, we signed Clark out so he could ride with us...and then we went to Braum's for dinner. Most people who read this blog probably won't know what Braum's is, because it's only located in a very small area...mostly Oklahoma, but also a couple of places in NWA. It's kind of Dairy-Queenish but it has GREAT ice-cream and most Braum's have a little store area where you can buy their cookies and a few other packaged food items you might need or want if you're on a trip.

Braum's has a flavor of ice-cream that Jim and I LOVE. It's called Chocolate Cappuccino Chunk or something like is YUMMY: coffee flavored with BIG HUNKS of chocolate in it. That's what got me through the 2 hour drive up to the track meet, and the 4 1/2 hours we sat there watching kids race.

Braum's did not disappoint.

We were on our way home and it was about 9:30 or 10, and I got a text from Morgan. It was a picture of her and Logan in his car, and he was driving. Her text said, "guess where we're headed?"

YEP! They were able to get out of or miss their classes on Good Friday, and headed home last night! We got in around 11:30, and Logan pulled in shortly after that. Today has been great having him here.

This morning, Joshua and I took Logan shopping for some dress clothes. He has a formal event with Morgan's sorority next week...and just several things coming up that he needs to dress up for, like, graduation and pre-wedding events. All we ended up finding for him was 1 pair of dress we are going out again tomorrow. That should be fun: shopping on the day before Easter.

I'm sure the mall will be empty.

I know this post is pretty boring, but this is our every day.

Today is Good Friday, and I was thinking about a Good Friday 28 years ago. Joshua was born in March, and 28 years ago, the day he was born was Good Friday...and in spite of all of the craziness and uncertainty that surrounded that day, it really was a GOOD Friday.

And I've had the events of that first Good Friday on my mind all day. What Christ did for me...for us...on the cross...all while we were and are so undeserving. I cannot fathom that kind of love.

This song has been floating through my head today:

"This, the pow'r of the cross: Christ became sin for us; took the blame, bore the wrath...we stand forgiven at the cross."

"But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Asking For Help

Today was one of those days when I didn't really have a plan. I debated over and over on what I should do with my time.

It never occurred to me to ask God how I should spend my day.

I went back and forth on different things...I do have lots of errands to run. Easter is this weekend after all.

I don't know. I just really felt impressed to come home...even to I didn't really have something pressing I needed to take care of.

Oh, I had laundry and the kitchen was a mess from DAY-2-of-the-making-of-the-pancakes-that-Clark-AGAIN-didn't-have-time-to-eat.

And I had shopping to do. When my kids were little, I LOVED it when they could all match on Easter...Christmas...Mother's Day. Now, tho, they aren't having it. I mean, I guess that WOULD be pretty creepy at their ages, but I do try to be sneaky and get the boys shirts that JUST SO HAPPEN to kind of coordinate.

I had also told Clark that I would take him shopping after school. I knew he wouldn't get home from track until 4...and then we had to eat and I had to be at choir by 6. Doesn't leave a lot of time on a Wednesday for shopping...or anything else.

Don't you love it when your kids come to you and say they need something...BY THE NEXT DAY...and it's like your busiest day of the whole week? That's kind of what happened, and I didn't know how I was going to work it out.

And I realize that maybe it wasn't my problem. Or, like Holly says, "not my circus...not my monkey." And maybe I should've let him try to figure it out on his own. But this kid never asks us for anything...and the fact that he came to me specifically and asked for help, was like a little Easter miracle.

I ended up coming home, but I was restless and uneasy...but then I got a call from a friend who needed help. And, of course, I dropped my plans and schedule for the rest of the day, and rushed to help she would do and has done for me on many occasions. I was blessed to do it.

Holly got home early today from nursing school. I called her and she had Clark come to her house, and she took him shopping. What a great sister!

You know, my friend said that I was a good friend for helping her...but, really, that was the easy part. For me, I think she was the better friend because she asked for help. I know her...and she's like me. We like to be the ones who keep things together for our families. People call on US to help...not the other way around.

I felt honored and I received the biggest blessing today. I was so thankful that I listened to God...even tho I didn't understand. Because I did, I was in the right place at the right time, and was able to help.

It was a great lesson for me today. I've been in situations where people ask if they can help me. I almost always say, 'no,' But today, I was reminded what a HUGE BLESSING it is when someone allows you into their lives.

"...we should love one another..." 1 John 3:11

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Time For Pancakes

So, Jim had to leave earrrrrllllly this morning to attend a meeting, so I got up with him. I walked out with him, and watched him back down the driveway in the dark. I walked back into the house and looked at the clock. It was 4:53 a.m.


I debated on going back to bed, and I DID go back there...but I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, so I sat up to read, and watched the news.

I finally got back up about 5:45 a.m., and went into the kitchen to make pancakes for breakfast. For years, I made pancakes every Wednesday. Then we moved here, and I kind of got out of the habit of it. Plus, Clark started meeting his girlfriend for breakfast on Wednesdays before school.

I don't know why I think I can only do it on Wednesdays.

So, all morning I was thinking about how it was Wednesday. and how odd it was that Clark said he was going to be here for breakfast.

Except TUESDAY, hello?

Joshua got up and came down around 6:30. He gets up early when he's got Therapeutic Recreation (TR). He was excited to see the pancakes!

I kept wondering where Clark was, but he's a big boy and I don't wake him up for school anymore. I mean, I guess I WOULD, if it was 7:45 and he had to be there at 8...but I've never had to do that. I couldn't figure out why he hadn't come down. When he finally did, he was completely dressed. He brushed his teeth, brushed his hair, fixed his coffee and headed to the door.


You know that feeling where you get up extra early to make pancakes for someone...and then they get up late and don't have time to eat them?

You don't? Well, lah-dee-dah for you.

I said, "uhhh...hello? I made pancakes." He said, "I know, and I'm sorry to miss them."

UGH. I want credit for this.

Also, the little rat-fink used all but a micro-drop of the French Vanilla Coffee Mate, and put the container BACK IN THE REFRIGERATOR. He thinks this is so hilarious...BUT IT IS NOT.

Hello? Knock-knock. Still here?

I wouldn't blame you for leaving this riveting post.

Joshua had TR today. They were supposed to have ceramics and then eat lunch at the center...and then go to a garden place. Well, he said, "the ceramics lady canceled on us, and the garden place was too we stayed at the center and did some spring cleaning and art."

They also had a little lock-down situation today, but I didn't tell him about that.

I saw on The Twitter that an elementary school in the area where Joshua was was on lock-down because police were looking for some robbery suspects. EEEK! So I texted the Director and they took precautions. Everything was okay and the police caught the two men quickly.

In other news, Joshua is convinced that the end of the world is near...because of the Blood Moon. He had to tell me about it the whole way to Little Rock this morning...quoting me Bible verses and all of that. All I could tell him was that "no man knows the hour or the day" when Jesus will return...not even Jesus! And that every day we are closer to the end of the world...and spending eternity in Heaven with Him.

I got some wedding stuff done today, and Holly picked up Joshua for me. It's been a good day.

"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all You have done..." Psalm 143:5