Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday: Christmas Music and Another Week

So I'm sitting here in my chair at home. It's 9:15 at night. I'm already in my pajammies, and I'm kinda-sorta watching the Giants-Cowboys came. I'm typically "for" any team that plays against the Cowboys, but I DO love Darren McFadden...because he's a former Razorback. :)

Our kids...some of them...have come and gone. Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law took Clark and Faith-the-girlfriend to St. Louis for the weekend. They got back into town around 7. Jim had ordered pizza, and we had it ready and waiting here at the house. They ate and left shortly after. Clark and Faith headed back to school. Holly and Aaron went back to their house.

It's been a beautiful weekend here. Jim stayed outside almost all day yesterday. He loves to "piddle" in the yard. We were keeping Marley-the-half-a-dog for Holly and Aaron this weekend, and he was in ALL his glory...following Jim around, everywhere he went.

Jim calls Marley a half-a-dog, because Marley's a Yorkie...and Jim thinks that Labs are the only true dogs.

Last night, I slept in Logan and Morgan's room because of Marley. He can roam around their house, but he cannot roam around OUR house. He's potty-trained, but he tinkles on EVERYTHING if he's left unsupervised. Or if he's mad. Or if he's pouting.

Basically, he's like a furry toddler.

I cannot have him roaming around our bedroom in the night, and I don't want him on my bed.

I'm not mean...I'm allergic to dogs (and cats). He doesn't bother me too much in our house, because we have hard-wood floors, and that seems to help...but if I'm at their house, I get stopped-up pretty quickly. Their house is almost all carpet.

ANYWAY, if I sleep in Logan and Morgan's room, and shut the door...Marley will sleep UNDER the bed. Which is good. Odd...but good.

But then this morning, at the crack of dawn, Marley was IN MY FACE wanting me to get up. I mumbled, "no," but he just sat there...staring the stare of death at me. I ended up getting up and letting him out. And I made the Sunday Rolls (cinnamon rolls) that we have every Sunday...and then, because it was early and I had sooooo much extra time, I decided to make cookies for choir practice.

This afternoon, we had our first "bonus" choir practice...when we devoted 2 hours to working only on our Christmas music. IT WAS SO FUN!

And now, I am livin' for bedtime in my own bed! When Jim got up this morning, the first thing Joshua asked him was, "how did YOU sleep?" And Jim said, "I slept GREAT!" I just looked at him, pointed to the bags under my eyes, and said, "guess who did NOT sleep great?"

Ready for another week!

"Sing to the Lord, bless His name; Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day." Psalm 96:2

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