Friday, September 11, 2015

Face-Timing Probz

Today felt like Saturday all day. I think it's because we went out to dinner last night, and that's not something we typically do on a Thursday. But Jim was off today, and so we slept in a little and it was pretty nice. I missed hearing the sound of little feet wearing Crocs, tho. Since Clark is at college, we couldn't ask him to stay with Joshua...and Holly was at work. I ended up having to ask my mother-in-law to pick him up at Therapeutic Recreation, and take him back to their house for the night.

My in-laws are so good to my family, and they love our kids. I was just a nervous wreck thinking about them driving 45 minutes to get him...and then driving 45 minutes back home. But I prayed about it and tried not to think about it. I sure was glad to get that text from Joshua telling me that they'd made it to the Lakehouse!

Jim ended up meeting his parents half-way between where we live, and where they live. They had lunch and then he came home with Joshua.

Clark and Faith came home for the weekend...they are going on a short trip with Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law, and they are so excited! Before they left school, tho, they visited the gift shop. They were looking for some goodies to bring back for Holly and Aaron, as kind of a thank you gift. They found two t-shirts and couldn't decide which one to get for Aaron, so they called and "face-timed" me.

Let me just say that I have face-timed approximately zero times IN MY LIFE.

ANYWAY, they were in the OBU Bookstore when they called. I was home drying my hair. I was wearing a tank top, but the screen was so couldn't really see that I was wearing a shirt. *Also, let me just say right here that I do not wear tank tops out in public. 


I USED to wear them to the gym, but...who am I kidding? That ship has sailed.

So I said, "do I look like I'm naked?" And Faith said, "welllllll..." And then I yelled, "I'M NAKED IN THE BOOKSTORE!" because clearly I know all about how face-time works, and how no one else around you can hear your conversation. Except they can.

And then I reminded Clark about this girl that I met on the internet...her daughter works in the bookstore there, and I asked if he'd met her. And he said, "MOM!" And then I whispered her he would know. And then we somehow lost our connection.

And this is why I want to apologize to all of the nice people at the Ouachita Baptist University Bookstore. I will be visiting your fine establishment...just as soon as the restraining order is lifted.

"We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy..." Psalm 126:2

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