Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bike Rides and Seed Ticks

Yesterday was Friday, and Jim was off from work. Clark was also home, because his summer job is over. So, Jim and Clark decided to take off and go mountain-bike riding...and Joshua and I stayed home. They said they would be home around noon, so we were pretty surprised when they came rolling in around 11.

Since it was early, they weren't quite ready to eat lunch. Clark went ahead and jumped in the shower...and, since we are now "blanket people," Jim sat on a blanket on the couch, and started mapping out their ride on his ipad. He put his feet up on the ottoman...on top of some newspapers and a clean blanket. I said, "ummm...are your shoes clean?" And he said, "yes. I didn't wear them to ride...I just put them on when we got to the car."


All of a sudden, I heard him say, "UH-OH..." which could mean anything from, "I just spilled my tea..." to "someone just died." He said, "I saw this tiny dot moving across my phone and I thought, I sure hope that's not a seed tick." Then he started looking at his legs and feet and said, "I'LL B'DURN...that's what it is. SHOOT!" And he jumped up and went back to take a shower. In our bathroom.

Which, I know that's where people should take their bathrooms....but, at this point, I was hoping he would go outside, wipe himself down with kerosene or something..and spray off with the hose.

When he came back in, he said, " really need to check yourself," and Clark said, "I did...I don't have any." Which, we both thought that was kind of odd, since they went on the exact same trail...but whatever.

We got up and started fixing lunch. Jim said, "I still feel like they are crawling on me. I know they aren't...but once you have that doesn't go away for a while." Clark was talking and he put one of his feet up on the trashcan, and reached down to pick at something. He said, "maybe I DO have a tick...NOPE, that's just dirt."

"OH's moving. Is THAT what they look like? Is THAT what these are? OH NOOOO!"

He started hopping around the kitchen, and I'm mentally thinking that tiny seed ticks are falling off of him as we speak, and we will now be infested...AND I'm also thinking of everything he has touched/sat on and HOW, ON THESE GUY TRIPS, THEY GET ALL THE FUN...AND I GET ALL THE CLEANING UP AFTER THEY COME HOME."

I really don't mind the dirty, stinky clothes.

Just the ticks.

Yep...I just really mind them bringing teeny-tiny ticks into our home.

Jim told Clark to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to get them off. Then, I asked Jim, "what if he got in the pool...would the chlorine kill them? Or make them fall off?" And Jim said, "yes, probably."

I mean, I have no idea, but I'm just trying to help.

Clark came out of the bathroom and announced that he had seed ticks "in his crotchal area," and he was freaking out with all the freak of a 19 year old.


Also, when Clark used the term, "crotchal area," it reminded me of Sheaffer's post on LEGGINGS from Pinterest Told Me To, because one of her main rules for wearing leggings is that you MUST wear a shirt long enough to cover your crotchal area.


So, Clark went outside and got in the pool...but he had on his t-shirt and his shorts. He pulled his shorts up high, and just got in a little past his knees.

I was slow-blinking him from the kitchen...because seriously? GET ALL THE WAY IN THE DANG POOL.

Faith-the-girlfriend went out to talk to him. When she came in, she said, "I've been instructed to close all the blinds." I thought maybe he was gonna totally strip down and go "skinny-dipping," and, honestly...I would've been fine with that in this situation. But he just took off his shirt and shorts. At one point, Jim looked out through the blinds and said, "he is jumping up and down in the pool."

Bless it.

He finally came in and I got allllll of his clothes and alllll of his towels...and threw them in the washing machine. Then, I asked Jim, "where are the clothes you had on and your towels?" And he said, "in the hamper in our closet."



Actually, they've probably crawled out by now and are multiplying as fast as they can.

He went and brought everything to me, and I washed everything in HOT WATER...and I really hope that everything is dead that is supposed to be dead.

And we spent the rest of the day feeling like things were crawling us.

In fact, I feel like things are crawling on me right now.

"It is good to proclaim Your unfailing love in the morning, Your faithfulness in the evening." Psalm 92:2

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