Friday, August 28, 2015

Flannel Pajammies in August

I didn't post last night. Honestly, I didn't think I could string together a coherent sentence. And also? I re-read the post from Wednesday, and thought that if I can't do any better than that...well, I need to find a better use of my time.

Jim picked up Joshua from Therapeutic Recreation yesterday afternoon, and then they headed down to the Lakehouse to visit his parents. WHY I didn't go is beyond me. I usually stay home to "be with Clark." It hit me after they left that CLARK IS NOT HERE. He is at college now, and my schedule is more free than it's been in over 29 years.

Oh well.

I was productive, tho. I started off going to Sonic for dinner, because it was .50 corn-dog day.

I'm classy like that.

After dinner, I started looking for this letter that had the date of Clark's doctor's appointment on it. Clark still sees his oncologist once a year, and I knew it was coming up in September...just couldn't remember when.

In my defense, the letter was sent about 10 months ago, and I can barely remember yesterday...soooo...

This started the paper-purge of 2015. I looked in the drawer where I typically put Clark's appointment letter, it wasn't in there...but I took allllll of the other papers out and threw most of them away or shredded them. Then, I looked in the OTHER drawer where it could've been. Nope. Not there, either. But I cleaned out THAT drawer, too, and the one next to it...just cuz.

From there, I went to the closet and looked through an old purse. Yuck. I cleaned it all out. And then I cleaned out my current purse. I save all of my monthly receipts, so I had to go through all of those...and I chunked the ones that I didn't have to keep.

Then, I tackled the stack in the cabinet. I love magazines. My mother-in-law has gifted me with a Southern Living magazine subscription for 35 years. I love the pictures, and all the recipes. I used to fold down the top of the page, and then save the case I wanted to try the recipes. But now, I can look up recipes on-line. So I chunked a BUNCH of magazines, and, not gonna hurt a little.

I also tossed a BUNCH of paperwork...old mail and stuff. When you have a high school senior in your house, you get a TON of mail from colleges. A TON. Now that Clark is in the college of his choice, I can throw all of the recruiting letters away. Sorry, John Brown...Tulane...Ole Miss...University of Arkansas, etc.

I took out 4 BAGS OF TRASH. Well, one bag of trash and 3 bags of recycling.

I guess I got all lightheaded from all of that, because then I decided to take down EVERY ITEM from our "built-ins," the mantle, and all of the tables in our entry-way and family room...and I dusted everything. All the tables, all the frames, all the shelves, all the little pretties.

And THEN...I went up in the attic, and brought down the Fall "tubs." I put up Fall garland and pumpkins and, well, just call me Shay...because my house is all decorated for Fall and IT'S NOT EVEN SEPTEMBER, Y'ALL.


And then, I took a shower and got ready for bed. I don't mind spending time alone during the day, but at bedtime? NOT A FAN. But, I turned down the air and put on my PJ Salvage flannel pajammies...IN AUGUST...and I slept the sleep of the angels.

When I got up this morning, and went to get our geriatric Black Lab out of the garage where she spends her nights...I got tickled at the "burglar alarms" I had left out. I kind of went to bed before I put everything away, and I had those Rubbermaid tubs in front of the door and stuff strewn out all over the floor. I didn't think of it at the time, but there's no way anyone could've sneaked in on me...I would've heard them FOR SURE.

And also, after I rearranged everything back on all the shelves, I had a bunch of stuff left over. Where did it go? Where should I put it?

I think this is why Jim has never let me put anything together. I put things together by how I think they should go...and then I always have a bunch of pieces left over.

Ruh rohhhhh!

Jim and Joshua made it home, and the house looks so pretty. I'm pretty tickled with myself, and so thankful that I'm gonna get to enjoy these Fall decorations for a good two months until it's time to get out the Christmas stuff!

"The LORD Himself watches over you..." Psalm 121:5


  1. But did you ever find out when Clark's appointment is? :)

    1. HAHAHAHA! I did! It was in the last place I looked! OF COURSE. :)