Saturday, August 8, 2015

Joshua and PI-SOLOGY

So, last night, we had a bad storm around bedtime...and Joshua asked if he could sleep downstairs in Logan and Morgan's room.

In our house, we have two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. Joshua and Clark are upstairs, and Logan and Morgan's room is our guest room now, unless they come 'home." Clark is gone on his big adventure, and Joshua said that it was "kinda lonely up there without Clark."

I kinda groaned, because the sheets were clean in Logan and Morgan's room, but I hadn't put them on the mattress yet. They were neatly folded up on the cedar chest at the end of the bed. I said, "well, Joshua...I haven't put the sheets on that bed yet," thinking that might dissuade him. He looked straight at me and said, "I'll help you."

Bless him.

He used to get really scared during storms, but he has kind of out-grown that over the last 10 years...OR SO I THOUGHT.

So, he helped me get the sheets on the bed, and then he made a couple of trips upstairs to get ALL THE THINGS (mouth-spray, hankie, water bottle, chap-stick, Bible) and then he got himself all situated in Logan and Morgan's room. I didn't even try to tell him how to work that TV...their TV is hard enough for me to figure out. But when I went in there to tell him good-night, not only was he posted up in the bed watching TV...HE HAD FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT THE CLOSED-CAPTIONING ON.

What in the world?

This morning, after Jim left for work, I crawled back into our bed to watch TV and check my messages. My bedroom door was open, and so I heard Joshua go up and down his stairs a couple of times. I figured he was taking ALL THE THINGS back up to his room. Finally, on the third time down, he walked into my room and said, "Soooo. Are YOU gonna fix my breakfast...or should I?"

We had talked the night before about how today was going to be a Pop-Tart day. I made muffins on Monday, and he has eaten them, two a day, for the past 3 days. Now they are gone and CAN YOU NOT JUST EAT A POP-TART?

Joshua can fix himself a Pop-Tart or toast in the toaster. He can warm up muffins, left-over bacon, sausage or ham, or things like the microwave. He doesn't have a problem doing it...he was just checking to make sure I didn't have something better know, maybe like the omelettes you can make at Embassy Suites, I'm guessing. Ha.

After breakfast, we picked up Holly at her house, and ran a couple of her errands with her. She wanted to get a new jacket to wear over her scrubs. While we were in the store, she got Joshua to try on one of the scrub-jackets. I posted a picture of this on Facebook and IG (martythemoose). She said, "you could be a male nurse, Joshua." And he said, "uhhh...that's not really my career field. And, plus...I DON'T UNDERSTAND PI-SOLOGY."


Of course, he meant "psychology..." he just didn't pronounce it right. Holly and I fell out laughing.

And, not in a mean "we are laughing at him" way, so please no one comment about that. We weren't making fun of him, and we did show him the word and tell him how to say it. He is just so innocent and sometimes he innocently says things that are hilarious. He has heard us talk about psychology and he has READ about psychology...I guess he just didn't put it together that what we the word he was reading about. Because who would think you'd pronounce psychology without sounding the "p?" Right?

He is the sweetest thing and brightens up all of our days!

"...Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people." Philippians 2:15

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