Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day Back: Therapeutic Recreation and Joshua

I know this blog is supposed to mainly be about Joshua. I mean, I do write about everyone in my family, typically...I just got a little side-tracked with the whole sending-Clark-to-college emotions.

Sorry not sorry.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, Leanne, said she wanted to do a family newsletter. OF COURSE SHE DOES. We have a group email...me, my 3 siblings and our Dad. Leanne wanted to do a monthly newsletter, with updates on all of our kids, and their families and all of that.

I don't know what I was expecting...maybe along the lines of the group email, only with more people in it.


I got the newsletter yesterday, and immediately started crying.

I know, shocker. My emotions are all over the place right now.

But it was SO CUTE and so well done! She's calling it PawPaw's Patriots, after our Dad...and it's all red, white and blue. She put Psalm 33:12, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord," in a little red,white, and blue box...and the border is trimmed with those patriotic colors.

It was awesome to read about everyone. Leanne had asked for us to send her little updates on everyone in our families. With 20 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren...and all the husbands, wives and significant others...it's hard to keep up. I am loving the newsletter!

In other news: Logan started Occupational Therapy school yesterday. He said there was so much information to learn, but it was all very interesting...and he is very excited! Yesterday was also Morgan's first day as a teaching intern. She really enjoyed her day, and she did not get mistaken for a student like she did last week! Ha!

Today was Clark and Faith's first day of classes at OBU. Both of them sent texts, telling us how much they enjoyed their classes today. I am just so happy they are there. :)

And, today was Joshua's first day back at Therapeutic Recreation. He's been going there for years and years, but every year, when they start back, he gets so nervous the night before. Keep in mind that they've only been "off" for a month...AND they've had TWO get-togethers with everyone during this last month. So there's that.

Joshua said that everyone was going to be happy to see him...and that they would probably notice he had a real man's build: "definition" and a skinnier stomach. Ha!

Holly rode into Little Rock with Joshua and me. After we dropped Joshua off at TR,  Holly and I spent the day shopping...and went out for lunch. It was the most fun I've had in a WHILE.

Here's a little story for everyone who every told me, "oh, THEY are so sweet," or "THEY are so loving..."

Today at TR, the FRIENDS spent some time brain-storming about activities they want their group to do this Fall...as well as places they'd like to eat. The FRIENDS are all about some eating out! Joshua said he suggested "Corky's BBQ, and everyone went nuts because it's a favorite. Someone suggested McAlister's, and Jenni-the-girlfriend started crying.

Apparently, she's not a fan.

Annnnnnd someone else suggested Buffalo Wild Wings. Joshua said that the "new Michael" said he didn't like that place, and Joshua said, "well, that's okay. It was just a suggestion...AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME THAT DAY."

"Do everything without complaining or arguing..." Philippians 2:14

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