Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jenni's Birthday Card

I took Joshua to the store to get a birthday card for Jenni. I took him to the birthday card section, and showed him where to look. I figured it would take him a while to pick out just the right card for her.

You know, since they have been dating for 8 years and all.

So I was surprised when he announced "done" before I even got to the end of the aisle.

The card he picked out had a large picture of the face of a Bassett-Hound. When you opened the card, it's large tongue was in the fold and it came down front and center.

On the tongue, Joshua had written, "Happy Birthday, Jen...I want to lick you."

Not gonna lie...I went from OH MY laughing about 2.1 seconds! When I asked Joshua about it later, I determined that he was writing it from the dog's point of view. Like, the DOG was telling Jenni that he wanted to lick her.


Regardless, I'm expecting a call from Jenni's mom any day now...

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