Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday: Our New Pastor

We have had the best day! This morning, our potential new pastor brought the message. He had already shared his heart and his vision with the church yesterday at the reception, so today was not much about that. It was all about him bringing the word of God to us.

I pretty much like this guy's humor at LOT.

Well, I mean...I like his passion and vision and calling and leadership and compassion and heart for families and the future he sees for our church.

AND his humor.

He wasn't cracking jokes on stage like David Letterman or anything...but he has a sense of humor. While he takes his calling and his role as a minister and the command to tell others about Jesus very seriously, he doesn't appear to take himself too seriously. I appreciated the fact that he could laugh at himself.

Of course, sin is not funny. Neither is dying without Jesus. Or living without Jesus.

I don't feel like I'm making my point here.

I just think that we should major on the majors and minor on the minors...and I appreciated the way he spoke about his life and family.

The End.

Oh, wait! The way we do things in the Southern Baptist church is that, when our pastor resigns, we form a search team to search for a new pastor. We pray over who we should choose to be on this team, and, in our church, every member gets a vote. Our church chose 7 people to be on this team. And then they begin the process of seeking God's will...of becoming one as a body and making sure there is no hidden agenda with anyone, or anything like that. And then they start accepting names and resumes of pastors.

And they pray some more.

And they pray some more.

And they pray some more.

And (in our case) 11 months later, they bring you a man that they are united in recommending, and the church body hears him speak and then we vote on him.

So all of that happened, and then we had the invitation and the offering...and then the prospective new pastor left the room...and the church voted. It was 618 YES, and 1 NO.

We joked that the "no" vote could've come from Joshua. Our new pastor is a HUGE Alabama football fan, and Joshua is not only a huge RAZORBACK fan...he is also a huge NOT ALABAMA fan.

But I saw his ballot, and he wasn't "the one." Ha!

While the votes were being tallied, we sang a couple of songs to pass the time. One of the songs was "Nothing But The Blood," which is Joshua's second favorite song. His first favorite song is "Power In The Blood." He likes those "blood" songs, I guess.

Well, we started singing, and he started grinning. He had his proud face on. He was so happy! He was doing this toe-tappin' thing. And, I may or may not have seen a move that I can only describe as an "Elvis move."

Just use your imagination.

It's not for church.

Or anywhere else!

"Let them praise His name with dancing..." Psalm 149:3

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