Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday: Choir, Answered Prayer and Change

Seems like this world is getting crazier and crazier. And scarier. WHY is everybody shooting everybody? It makes my stomach hurt just watching the news. It just reminds me that this world is not our home...and we have to be ready to die whenever it's our matter how that plays out. We HAVE to get things right between ourselves and God if we are ever going to be able to live without fear.

God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for all of my sins...and yours (John 3:16). I didn't deserve it...and neither did you. The Bible says that if we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, we will be saved (Acts 16:31). And it also says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive them (1 John 1:9).

In John 14:2, the Bible tells us that Jesus is preparing a place for us in Heaven.

Please be sure of your salvation.

This morning, Joshua and I headed into LR. His group was going to do Yoga first thing...and then they were going on a hike (on flat ground) and having a picnic.

I ran a couple of errands, and then came home. Holly said she would pick Joshua up for me this afternoon, because she had a hair appointment. She has a pot-luck at her work tomorrow. She asked to borrow a dish, and asked for a recipe. On my way back into our town, I decided to stop at the store and get everything she would need to make her dessert. And when I got home, I decided to go ahead and make the dessert for her. I mean, I had the extra time, and she was picking up Joshua for me.

The only "down" side to this was that my house smelled AMAZING...and there was NO after-dinner treat for Jim and Joshua! Ha!

Tonight, I had choir practice. Holly didn't come with me because she has to work on Sunday. We got our Christmas music and so IT WAS AWESOME! I love Christmas!

Our music minister shared that he and his wife had just gotten back from the doctor with their 9 year old daughter, Ruthie. I have asked for prayer for her before. Well, they finally got a more definitive definition of what Ruthie has. I would tell you, but I tried to write it down when he said it...and I wrote it phonetically...and when I "googled" that word after I got home...there was NOTHIN'. Because it wasn't even a word.

ANYWAY, it's some sort of neurological thing, and the specialist totally believes that Ruthie can be cured. It may take a year or two, but he told them they should see improvement in a matter of months. He also told Ruthie, "when you are healed from this, remember that it was GOD who healed you...not me."


With all of the craziness going on today...THAT was such uplifting news.

Our other kids are all doing well. Clark and Faith each feel at peace with their college choice, and that is music to my ears. They are having a good time...but they are also making friends and attending class and getting to know themselves even better. I shared about the sweet text I got from him the other night. Tonight's text went something like, "did my homework, ate a Sonic Blast...and ate a questionable pork-chop in the caf." We can't wait to see them this weekend.

Logan had his 2nd day of OT school, and he was already in the lab...studying. Morgan had her 2nd day of her internship (practice teaching) and she is really enjoying it. Logan had to go back to the dentist this morning, because he got an infection in the sockets after his wisdom teeth were removed last week. Poor baby! He should be feeling better in a day or two BC antiobiotics. Holly had a good day at work on Monday. She has to work 2 more times this week, and then on Sunday. She is going to be EXHAUSTED by Sunday night!

Speaking of Sunday...our church is just buzzing with excitement! Our prospective new pastor is coming this Sunday in view-of-a-call. There's an energy in our church that hasn't been there in the past 10 months, altho GOD has been so faithful to our church body.

And, as excited as we are, our staff is quick to remind us that another church will be mourning the loss of their shepherd and pastor, and they will begin the hard task of letting go and moving forward. They will start the process of forming a search team and going through the same process our church has just finished.

Life is full of change.

"I took my troubles to the LORD; I cried out to Him, and He answered my prayer." Psalm 120:1

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