Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's Really Happening.

Welp. I guess it's really going to happen. I keep pushing it to the back of my mind, but there's no stopping time, I guess. Clark is supposed to move to college tomorrow.

Of course, as of 8:30 tonight, he had NOTHING packed.

Not, he didn't have very much packed...he didn't have ONE THING PACKED.

I wish I was kidding.

I think he's dragging his feet because he really doesn't want to go. Right? It helps me to think this way...please don't take it away from me.

Truthfully, I don't think he understood the big rush. After I saw how and what he packed, I tend to agree with him. The boy got ALL of his clothes...into one Rubbermaid tub.

ONE Rubbermaid tub.

When we packed Holly for college, we filled every bit of a Suburban...AND her car...with her stuff.

We spent the day hanging out here. Holly came over this morning, and she stayed all day. Tonight, we all went to dinner, and then came back here. FINALLY, Clark started packing.

Holly can't go with us tomorrow, because she has to work...and she is about to die a thousand deaths. This is her littlest brother, and he is going to her alma mater. She wants to be with us so bad. Her nursing preceptor told her that if she wanted to ask off, they would try to work it out, but Holly said she didn't want to be "that" person who comes in on her first day of work...and asks off for a certain day.

Anyway, she helped Clark pack some things, and I packed some other things...and I think he's all done. 5 Rubbermaid tubs. THAT'S IT. I can't believe it.

His life...packed into 5 plastic containers.

And now, we are all going to bed, because tomorrow? Our lives are going to change so  much.

"The LORD watches over the path of the righteous..." Psalm 1:6

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