Monday, August 3, 2015

Red-Neck Selfie-Stick and Rinsing in Vinegar

So, I bought the Romaine lettuce, and I left the head/core/whatever you call it on the counter for 6 days.

I realize that the few people who AREN'T my family...probably just stumbled on this blog because they googled "does Kroger carry vacuum cleaners?" and this just popped up.

Seriously. That happened.

Also, some one was searching my posts for references on tattoos. Let me save y'all some time: I don't have any.

ANYWAY, Jim got Pinterest...and it has turned my life upside-down as much or more than when he discovered the book-of-the-devil, "Grain Brain."

He told me he read on Pinterest the other day...that there was a way to plant the head of Romaine lettuce...and it would grow in your garden. So, he asked me to get one for him that next time I went to the grocery. And I did. And I didn't expect he would pick it up and immediately run out there and plant it right that second...but it sat on the counter for 6 days.

That's excessive, right?

And he said, "what did I say the article said to do?" I had no clue because I had passed out when he said he wanted a Pinterest account, and didn't wake up until after he'd read the article on the lettuce.

Seriously? Is this whole post going to be on lettuce?

No. No it is not.

It's also going to be on how Jim's sister-in-law texted all of us a picture of her husband, and we ALLLL commented on how much he was looking like Jim's OTHER brother. And then someone said, "he needs a selfie-stick for Christmas," and Jim responded with, "I'll make him a selfie stick out of a clothes hanger. I saw a good set of plans on Pinterest."


I'll post a picture of it on Facebook later, and on IG (martythemoose). He was pretty tickled.

Here's the thing: when I started on Pinterest...years and years ago...I didn't make a big fuss about it. I just quietly tried new recipes. I moved some furniture around, and it did look better. I painted a bedroom gray, and even tho I don't particular like the color gray and never would've considered it on my own, it turned out GREAT! I got inspiration from words and Bible verses painted on canvas...or on wood. I got ideas for parties and weddings. I "pinned" and saved decorating tips and craft ideas.

In other words, when I got on Pinterest, IT ONLY MADE OUR LIVES BETTER.

There was no left-over produce sitting on the counter for days. There was no red-neck-duct-taping going on. There was no rinsing your body in vinegar because you read on Pinterest that it was better than soap.

Because I'm here to tell you right now: rinsing your body in vinegar before you go to bed at night will put the hurt on a 35 year marriage.


"And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow..." 1 Thessalonians 3:12

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