Thursday, August 18, 2016

Therapeutic Recreation, A Baby Pig, And The Olympics

Joshua started back to Therapeutic Recreation this week, after several weeks off during the summer. He was SO EXCITED! I texted him to come downstairs, when it was time for us to leave...and he never responded. I hated to holler up at him, like I usually do, because Clark is still home...and he didn't have to get up early.

I could hear Joshua's music, tho. He was playing instrumental music in his room. I thought, "uh-ohhhh," because that's the music he plays when he feels nervous. And, for him, being nervous can lead to all sorts of ummmm...intestinal discomfort, and/or yacking up his when we got in the car, I tried to keep things as calm and consistent as possible.

He was fine.

He asked if I heard him playing the "in-sta-MEN-tal" music, and I said, "yes." He said, "it calms my nerves."
I asked him why his nerves needed calming, and he said, "oh, just going back to TR." I reminded him that we JUST saw his FRIENDS at the TR pool party LAST THURSDAY NIGHT.

How quickly we forget.

Joshua said that the first thing they did when they got there was...


Let me tell you what was going on when I pulled up into the parking lot: one of the moms was walking in, and she was carrying a baby pig.


I ran over to her as fast as I could, and asked if I could take a picture. I wanted to send it to Holly. Holly has always wanted a pig.

For a pet.

In my house.

I always had one response to her: "YOUR BROTHERS."

I mean, seriously, I need a PIG?

This pig was squealing like she was dying. The Mom said she does that whenever she's around people she doesn't know.

Oh, good...because I was worried she might smell what I had for breakfast...on my breath. Because BACON. 


Well, the Mom took the pig into the TR Center, and you just have to know that all of the FRIENDS went nuts over her. Well, except Joshua. He was more like, "very nice," and then walked off. He wasn't having anything to do with a PIG.

You also just have to know that when you day starts off with the awesomeness that is a baby pig,'s all going downhill after that.

Joshua said that the first thing their group did, after the baby pig left, was to go over the rules. Which, he pronounces it, "rooahs," but however you say it, everyone needs to know them. Joshua said it was things like, respecting others, PDA (cracks me up that he knows what that is), cell phone usage, etc.

Then they ate their lunch at the Center. After lunch, they had their "brainstorming" session. This is where they discuss what they want to do this year...what types of activities, or community service outings, they want to participate in. When Holly asked what Joshua was doing today, and I told her they were "brainstorming," she goes, "OH NOOOO!"

Because, these sessions don't always go well. You're probably thinking, "how bad can this be? It sounds innocent enough."

Bless your heart.

It's like this...the FRIENDS are adults, by age, but their minds are not the same age. The FRIENDS are loving, sweet, and sensitive. They can also be immature, stubborn, and manipulative. Yes, they can, Mammaw.

For example, someone will suggest playing GOLF as an outing, and the ones who don't like golf will grumble.

Or, someone will suggest CHILI's for lunch, and a FRIEND who absolutely hates going to Chili's...will grumble.

Or mumble.

Or jump up from the table and run to the bathroom in tears.

Because someone dared to suggest eating at Chili's.

Do you SEE what I'm talking about? 

But Joshua said that everything went well. SHOCKER. And that everyone was nice and respectful of the things that were suggested.

When we got home, Holly and Rhodie had come over to hang out with Clark. That made coming home so nice! I had thought Joshua, Clark and I would just eat re-runs (what Joshua calls left-overs) for dinner, since Jim was out-of-town...but Aaron-the-son-in-law ended up bringing over a huge order of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. YUM. After a long day, it sure was nice to not have to worry about fixing dinner.

Aaron was holding Rhodie on his chest, and Joshua asked him if Rhodes "liked laying on him best, because he had a big belly."

Aaron laughed, Holly got mad, and Joshua said he was "just asking because he was curious." But that's how we had a long talk about body shaming, and being respectful, and how we don't need to talk about anyone's body...big or little...because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

We spent the rest of the evening passing Rhodie around, and watching the Olympics. What are we going to do when the Olympics are over? I mean, we sit and stare and jump up and cheer for the USA in every sport. We have even watched GOLF (yawn), FENCING (seriously?), DOUBLES SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING (are you kidding me?) (and also? PULL YOUR SWIMSUIT OUT OF YOUR BOTTOM), and women's field hockey.

Don't make me watch rhythmic gymnastics on Day 14. Don't make me do it.

"Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize So run to win!" 1 Corinthians 9:24

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