Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rhodie Goes To The Doctor, and I Have Some Thoughts

Rhodie turned 1 month a few days ago, and today was his one month appointment at the pediatrician. Aaron-the-son-in-law was going to be out-of-town, so Holly asked if I could go with them.


After lunch, we loaded up the the car-seat, along with not one, but TWO diaper bags, and our purses...and headed out. When we pulled up at the pediatrician's office, I was thankful to see that it did not appear to be crowded.

This particular office has a "WELL BABY" side and a "SICK BABY" side. I love this, except for the fact that when they called Rhodie's name, WE HAD TO WALK THROUGH THE SICK BABY SIDE TO GET TO THE RIGHT DOOR.

Where is the suggestion box, because Grandma has some thoughts...

The first thing they had us do was to strip him down so they could weigh him. Yesterday, Holly and I were guessing how much he would weigh at his appointment today. Holly guessed around 10 pounds, and I guessed 10.8.


Holly put Rhodie up on that scale, and it read: 12.08 lbs!

And Holly and I went nuts. We were squealing, and "OH MY WORD"-ing, and saying, "yay, Rhodie!" We were ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over him, and I was taking pictures of him like he was a Kardashian (bad example, I know...but you get my drift).

First-time Mommy and first-time Grandmommy...don't even TRY to mess with us! :)

The nurse AND the doctor both said, "good job, Momma" to Holly, and gave her a lot of praise for how well she was doing...and that made her feel really good. She's a great little Mom...we all know that...but it was reassuring to her, that all of the time, dedication, and lack-of-sleep...involved in nursing a worth it.

They also measured his length...and the circumference of his head. He's in the 93% in weight, 53% in length...and 98% in head circumference! Holly said, "well, that runs in the family...I have a big head. I always told her it meant she had LOTS OF BRAINS.

We really liked the pediatrician that took care of Rhodes today. Holly saw a different one last time, but this one is a female...and she's a Mom.

'nuff said.

I hope Rhodes can see her every time.

But then, it was time for the dreaded 1 month shot. Holly had worked herself into a frenzy about it. She broke out into a worried about how Rhodie would react...and sad that he would EVER feel pain.
Because she's done her level-best to love, nurture, and protect him from any pain or discomfort...for 10 months of pregnancy, and 1 month of life outside the womb.

We know that these vaccines will protect him from so much more potential pain and suffering, that this short amount of discomfort is worth it (for those of you who don't agree with giving vaccines, and have very strong reasons why, I want to say this in love: save it for Oprah. I'm not gonna get into a big argument about it on here...thank you very much).

The shot was over quickly. Out of the 3 of us, one cried. And the other two? We fought to hold back the tears.

Holly thought it was cute that they put a Spider-Man band-aid on the injection site. Hims is such a big boy with a big boy band-aid.

And then we came home, and spent the afternoon/evening holding and cuddling Rhodes, and trying to erase that memory from his little mind.

I had a lot of thoughts today...thoughts that didn't involve the arrangement of the pediatrician's office.

Things like, how thankful I am for modern medicine; for doctors and tests and monitoring. Holly is a nurse for the sickest, tiniest littles in the NICU. Now that she's a mom herself, I know that, when she goes back to work, she will be even more compassionate to the parents she has to deal with on a daily basis. I am thankful to see her using her gifts to help others.

I am thankful for insurance...for Aaron's job, and Holly's job...which make it possible for them to seek out the very best care for Rhodie, and any other children they may have.

My heart breaks for those who are less fortunate...for the children who have to suffer, or do without, because of the choices their parents make; and for those children and parents, who are living in circumstances that are beyond their control.

I am thankful that all medical resources will be exhausted for Rhodie, should he ever need them.

I thought of the pain he felt with the hard that was for Holly, as his mom, to watch. How hard it was for me to watch.

I thought of how, just a few months earlier, his life could've been terminated...if that had been Holly's an injection.

Or with a sharp instrument.

I thought of how people say that unborn babies are "just a mass of tissue," so they "can't feel pain," when those instruments are used to end their lives.

I thought of a friend of Holly's, who made it to 8 months of pregnancy, and how her baby died in her tummy last year...and how her heart has been broken and stretched and enlarged.

I was so thankful Holly asked me to accompany her to the doctor with Rhodie today. Sometimes it just helps to have that extra pair of hands. I thought of the wife of one of those slain Baton Rouge police officers. That young widow now has a 4 month old baby to raise by herself. Lots of milestones to meet, lots of birthdays...and ballgames, lots of trips to the zoo, lots of "first" days: first tooth, first steps, first day of school...lots of morning snuggles, and lots of doctor's appointments, that she will now have to experience by herself.

I had a lot of thoughts.

So, after we got home, when it was my turn to hold Rhodie, I held him a little tighter...and I thanked God for His plan and provision for bringing him into our lives.

"The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

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