Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Painting and Ceiling Fans

Today, two friends from the town-my-kids-call-home came to take me out to lunch for my birthday. I was so excited!

Plus, they wanted to see the baby.

That's probably the REAL reason they came, but whatever. I was so looking forward to seeing them.

I got up early, and did some laundry...stuff like that. I started to get ready. I did my hair and make-up, but kept my pajammies on.

I decided to run upstairs to Clark's room, and do some painting real quick. I've painted all the walls in his room, except for the part that's behind the corner shelves.

Clark has these black shelves that fit in the corner. They go almost up to the ceiling. I took everything off of them, and piled it all on Clark's bed. Then, I carefully pulled the shelves out away from the wall...about 3 feet...and painted the wall behind them.

Then, I thought to myself, "SELF? You've talked about painting those shelves...why don't you slap one coat on them real fast?"

So, I dusted the shelves, and got out all of the gunk...and then I started painting.

I thought I would start at the top...and go to the bottom. Problem is...I'm short, and can't reach the top. And EVEN THO THE LADDER WAS RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM, I didn't even THINK about using it. Instead, I put one foot on Clark's bed...and then I hopped up to put my other foot on the already rickety shelves...and stood there until I got my balance.

Yeah. Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

All of a sudden, I heard a crack...and I felt searing pain in my head. Apparently I had forgotten that I had turned the ceiling fan on for air-circulation...and it is what hit my head. Hence the CRACK sound.

I fell/almost fainted into the shelves...and they started swaying back and forth...with ME on them. My main concern, besides the throbbing pain in my head, was that I was going to spill the can of paint everywhere.

Never fear. I saved it.

My second concern was that I was gonna die.

I didn't.

My third concern was that I was going to have a concussion.

I didn't.

I came downstairs and I seriously wanted to cry. Like, ugly cry. But two of my friends were coming to take me out for lunch, and they are always all put together...and even tho they wouldn't judge me if I had streaks all down my face, and puffy red eyes...I didn't want them to see me like that.

So, I filled up a Ziplock bag with ice, and sat in my chair...and, despite my best efforts, tears spilled down my cheeks. I took some Motrin. After about 20 minutes, I went and put on my clothes, and then went to take Joshua to stay at Holly's house for a while. And, honestly...and I couldn't believe this, either...but after about 5 minutes of holding my Holly's head felt a LOT better.

I had fun seeing my friends, and I managed to make it through lunch without ever mentioning the "incident." But they came back to Holly's house to see Rhodie, and Holly brought it now they know for sure what they already kind of suspected: I'm a klutz.

Anyway, that's my day in a nutshell...and also why I might not do anymore painting for a while.

"The LORD is my light and my salvation-so why should I be afraid? The LORD is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?" Psalm 27:1

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