Monday, July 11, 2016

On Holding Babies

We had a good day today.

Not a perfect day...but pretty close. As Joshua would say, "prehh close"

I cleaned out my pantry this morning, which was a HUGE deal. It was a hot mess! I still have more to do, but it looks much better already.

I did a couple of loads of laundry, and I made muffins for breakfast BECAUSE IT'S MONDAY, and because WE MUST HAVE MUFFINS ON MONDAYS.

Or else.

I also put all 6 pair of my super-cute, flannel pajammies away until the weather gets cold enough to wear them again.

And, by "cold enough to wear them again," I mean that, at the first remotely cool-ish Fall day we have, I am busting those babies back out again...even if I have to turn on the a/c.

I have a problem, I realize.

I intended to finish painting up in Clark's room this morning. I just have two small patches left to do, and then I am going to try and put his room all back together. I have some of those Rubbermaid tubs out in the garage, and I was going to take them up to Clark's room, and kind of organize all of his college stuff while he is at work. He sees no need to organize ANYTHING, hence me doing it while he's at work.

But, Jim's kayak is "resting" on top of those plastic tubs, and I couldn't get the kayak off of them, without just shoving it off and letting it hit the floor in the garage...which I may or may not have thought about doing.

I'm so bad.

But, Holly called to say she was coming over with the baby. She said he had been up most of the night. I told her that Joshua and I would come over there and hold him, so she could get a nap...or she could come here. She said she wanted to get out of her house, so she came here. We hung out and talked until it was time for Rhodie to eat.

During all of this, some of the neighborhood kids started poppin' off firecrackers. WHY in the name of all that is good and right, are they playing with fireworks IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY?

Maggie, our geriatric Lab, started pawing at the back door. I went to "talk" to her, to make sure she was okay...and, when I opened the door, she about PLOWED ME OVER getting into the house. I put her out in the garage.

Holly had Marley, her half-a-dog (Yorkie) here with us...and he was about to have a full-blown panic attack. They actually have medicine they give him every July 4th, because he gets so distraught over the fireworks.

Well, he was FREAKING OUT...and shaking like a leaf. Holly was trying to nurse the baby, and Marley was in PTSD mode.

Joshua went out in the garage to check on Maggie, and he said she had yacked everywhere.

Thank you, neighbor-boys. I'm not trying to be a sourpuss or anything. I know about boys. I have 3 of my own...and a husband. I know they like to be loud, and play with fire, and blow things up. I just have one question...

Y'all gonna come clean up my garage?

After Rhodie ate, I got to hold him, so that she could deal with Marley. She finally got him calmed down, and they all 3 took a nap: Holly, Marley, and Rhodes.

And here's what I did not do today:

I did not do anymore laundry. I did not reload my dishwasher, or finish cleaning my kitchen. I did not finish painting in Clark's room. I did not clean any of the bathrooms (altho...let me be real here: that wasn't going to happen today, anyway. Ha!). I did not dust any furniture, or vacuum any floors.

And, even tho it's Monday, I did not wash any sheets.

Nope. Not this afternoon.

This afternoon, I sat in a chair, and I did not move...except to "pat-pat-pat" a little back.

Today, for 3 hours, I held a baby while he slept.


"Can a woman forget her baby who nurses at her breast? Can she withhold compassion from the child she has borne? Even if mothers were to forget, I could never forget you!" Isaiah 49:15

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