Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Birthday: 2016

I have had the best day! It's my birthday!

First of all, I woke up alive...which is good. Altho the alternative would be amazing, but my kids don't like for me to talk that way.

God must not be finished with me yet!

The main thing I had to do today was renew my driver's license. Why they make it due on your birthday...and not at the end of your birthday MONTH, I'll never know.

Joshua went with me. We walked in, and there was only ONE customer in there. I know, right? It's a miracle. Even Joshua goes, "WHOA."

I got a really nice clerk. She asked me if I still wanted to be an organ donor (yes!). She asked me to confirm our address. She asked me how tall I was. BUT THEN...she asked how much I weighed, and y'all? I did not bat an eye as I lied responded, "115 lbs."

She started laughing uncontrollably, and excused herself to the back office. I could hear her howling, even through the closed door.

The clerk next to her had to take over. She asked me what happened to set her friend off, so I told her what I'd said. She looked at me over her glasses, and said, "it don't matter to us what you say you weigh, ma'am, but be prepared...if you go missing, the poh-lice will be looking for a skinny, white girl."

UMMM...think I'll take my chances, lady!

My driver's license has said I weigh 115 lbs, since I was in the 10th grade...and I wasn't really interested in changing it...but I mumbled my true weight under my breath. Glad I did, because then I had to sign a statement saying that all of the information I had provided was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth...so help me God.

Glad I didn't lie!

I spent almost the whole day with Holly and Rhodie. I love them both so much. And Joshua...can't forget Joshua. He's almost always with me, and he makes every day better. :) And Jim...he came home from work early, to hang out with us.

The BEST thing that happened today was that my sister, Leanne, and her 4 kids, came to see me! Well...actually, they came to see Rhodie...but whatever. It's my birthday! :)

Leanne said they had a rare 3 day window, when all 4 kids were free...so they drove up to see my Dad...and then went to St. Louis for 2 days. One of my niece's friends was in a show up there. On their way back, they stopped to see Logan and Morgan for lunch...and then they drove here. They were all anxious to see the baby.

They only stayed a couple of hours, but it sure was fun!

It was a great day for this not-so-skinny, white girl. :)

"Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere..." Psalm 84:10

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