Monday, July 25, 2016

It's 94 Degrees...Bring Out the Parkas!

Isn't it weird that when it's 80 feels hot. But when it's 90 degrees, 80 feels so much cooler?

That's the way it was today. Only, instead of it being 100 degrees, it was mid-90's, and I could really tell a difference. I mean, bring out the parkas, right?

Joshua and I went over to Holly's house this morning, and we stayed all day. I went to the grocery for both of us...and I picked up lunch. I got to hold and rock the baby...and I helped Holly put some things on her walls.

And, by that I mean that I may of may not have climbed up on a chair, and then stood with my bare feet on my grandmother's order to nail up pictures on her wall. If she could, she would spin in her grave at the thought of me standing on her beloved piano.

We headed home at dinnertime. When we got in my car, which had been parked out in Holly's driveway all day, it was 102 degrees...but that's better than the 109 it was one day last week. Ha.

I worked some in Clark's room today. It is a MESS up there. I started the re-do project while he was on his trip to East Asia. He was gone 3 weeks, and so I had planned to start and finish it in that amount of time. I mean, that seems reasonable, right?

But then Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law bought a new house, and my time was spent packing up things at their house and helping them move. Not complaining at all, but Clark's room re-do was moved to the back-burner. I talked to him about it, because I felt bad. He said, in his best over-exaggerated country drawl, "don't even worry yourself about it, is NOT a big deal."

Just working on it this morning, and then again tonight...has made a huge difference. I just have one small patch of his wall left to paint, and then that part is DONE. I have already bought the bedding and curtains. I plan on painting his shelves and a desk. I have things ordered to go on his walls, but they haven't come in yet.

Just trying to make his room look like the room of a college boy. Man. College young man.

I'm really tired tonight.

Also? This election year is about to I'm about to vote for anyone in any party who will place a term-limit on the amount of campaign time the candidates can have. Like, limit it to 60 days or something. I am over it.


I am so thankful to live in a country where we are free to talk and debate and campaign and VOTE. I used to get all riled up if "my" candidate or "my" party didn't get in the White House, and then my Dad very calmly told me that that was the American Way. And to be thankful.

I'm also thankful that this world is not my home. Presidents and other elected officials will come and go...but it will not change my destiny. My hope is in Jesus, and my HOME is in Heaven.

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:2

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