Friday, July 29, 2016

Rhodie's Rough Day & He's 6 Weeks Old

Yesterday, I went over to Holly's house, and stayed most of the day. We always have these big plans that we are going to "do" something in her house: put up pictures, things on the wall, paint something. Instead, we ate lunch, and she fed Rhodes...and then I held him while she took a shower, and we watched two episodes of Downton Abbey.

We are very late to the party, I realize, but for the past TWO summers, we've been saying that we were going to start watching it...but we never did. I finally got out the DVDs I had bought, and we started watching them early in the summer. I thought it might be a good distraction for her while she waited for Rhodie to be born.

I didn't like the first episode at all, but I decided to watch the next one...and the series has grown on me. We just finished Season 2 yesterday, and I'm excited to watch Season 3. There are just SO MANY CHARACTERS to keep up with...and I'm having the hardest time with the accents. Several times I'll look over at Holly, and ask, "what'd they say?" And we'll wind it back until we figure it out.

The funniest thing is that, we started watching these when Holly was big pregnant, and she was exhausted...from being big pregnant. Before the episode would be over, she'd be sound asleep...and so we'd have to rewind it the next time, so she could catch up.

We've figured out that it's the music at the beginning of the show. It lulls her to sleep like a tranquilizer. Even yesterday, she was lying on the couch...looking like she was asleep. She finally said, "I don't know what it is, but I cannot keep my eyes open...but I've been listening to it."

If only that music would have the same effect on Rhodie...then they could play it for him at night before bedtime.

When we got home, we decided to order Chinese food for dinner. We invited Holly and Aaron-the-son-in-law over. Aaron doesn't like Chinese food, but Holly LOVES it. He ended up getting his own dinner somewhere, and met her here at our house.

Logan and Morgan came for a visit last night. They were so excited to see the baby, and spend some time with him.

Jim was off today, so I thought we might make our big "Saturday style" breakfast...since Logan and Morgan would be heading down to her parents, to spend tonight and tomorrow with them. He said, "well, I wasn't really planning on cooking a big breakfast today." I asked, "why not?" He said, "because I had eggs yesterday."



Well, we made our big breakfast...and then Jim and I ate together, because everyone else was still asleep. I called and invited Holly and Rhodie to come over...and they did. They stayed over here all day.

Rhodie had a rough day. Not a bad day...he just wasn't himself. He was extremely fussy, which made Holly concerned that something was wrong with him. He didn't feel warm or anything, and he ate and went potty regularly. He was just not content. Holly felt something she had eaten had affected him. I assured her that babies are a lot like us: there are days when we just feel "blah," and we can't really put our finger on WHY.

He is still the sweetest just broke our hearts to see him so upset. Usually, you can hold him a certain way, or do certain things that will calm him down. Not today. Or, not for very long. It was just very uncharacteristic of him, because he's usually pretty happy. He is 6 weeks old today.

I'm sure hoping they all get some rest tonight.

It was a good day. I always love it when all of the kids are here.

"May Your unfailing love be my comfort..." Psalm 119:76

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