Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Update 7.10.2016

We've had a good weekend. Our daughter, Holly, and our sweet, baby grandson, Rhodes, came over on Friday afternoon. It was their first "outing," just the two of them, and Holly was exhausted by the time they got here.

They just live around the corner, but it was her first time to drive since having the baby...and it was her first time to get everything ready to leave their house, and load Rhodes AND THE DOG into the car by herself.

She did GREAT. I remember being nervous my first time out with my first baby. But they made it just fine, and I got some serious snuggle time with Rhodie while they were here, which was AWESOME.

After everyone came in from work, we ordered Chinese food for dinner. It was a great night.

On Saturday morning, Jim and Clark took their kayaks out to a lake...or maybe it was a river. I don't know. All I DO know is: Saturday...crack of dawn...crashing around...second weekend in a row. Momma ain't happy.

I AM happy that my husband and our youngest son love to spend time together...but can we be a little quieter?

Mid-morning, Holly texted to see if I would mind coming over to hold Rhodie, while she took a shower. Aaron-the-son-in-law had gone to the grocery. They were hosting 7 of his family members for lunch, and she was a little stressed out.

I told her I was really busy, and couldn't come...and she would have to handle things herself...and just stay in her filth.


I hollered up to Joshua, and the two of us bugged out in 5 minutes FLAT. I got to hold Rhodes, and was able to help her straighten up a little...while Aaron got everything ready to grill. And then, when the first family members got there, Joshua and I left.

We spent the rest of the day here at our house with our family. It was really nice. At one point in the afternoon, everyone was napping, so I spent 30 minutes outside in the pool by myself. It was so relaxing.

Today, we had small group and church. It was an awesome morning. Sundays are my favorite. We came home and had FFYS for lunch. Fend For YourSelf. That means you either MAKE something for your own lunch, or you eat left-overs from the frig. We had some left-over pizza from the night before...and a little bit of Chinese food left from Friday night.

Holly, Aaron and Rhodie came over this evening. We had dinner, and then Aaron put on the UofA vs Ole Miss football game from last year.

I don't know WHY he enjoys watching these old games over and over, but he does. And he has gotten Joshua all "in" to watching them, too. It took for-ev-er for the game to end. I love football, especially Arkansas football...and SEC football...but if I have to watch these games over and over again, I'm gonna hurt somebody.

But, they eventually went home to their own house (unfortunately), and now we are winding down from the weekend, and getting ready to start a new week. Clark has made his breakfast and lunch for the next TWO DAYS...and has it in the frig. He has his clothes and everything ready to go.

We were thankful to have a quiet weekend. After the sad events of last week, it was nice to just be at home with our family. It's something we do not take for granted.

We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Dallas area.

"Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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