Tuesday, August 16, 2016

College Boys & Moldy Cake

So, I talked about how the stuff Clark brought home from college has basically been in the same, exact place as when he brought it in the house, and plopped it on the floor...back in MAY.

And it's AUGUST...and I've been going through some of that stuff...organizing it, because apparently things were thrown into boxes with no thought of organization AT ALL.


So far, I've found 5 of my missing-in-action Rubbermaid containers...and 2 plates, several bowls, an assortment of coffee cups and silverware, a POTATO PEELER...and an IRON SKILLET.

Which, they aren't allowed to cook in their rooms, so WHYYYYYYYY?

None of these items were really CLEAN, since they had only been rinsed off in the bathroom sink of his dorm room...OR IN THE LAKE (apparently).

But, nothing freaked me out as much as finding a Rubbermaid dish containing left-over BLUE cake frosting...from the cake at Holly's baby shower...WHICH WAS BACK IN APRIL.


I'm not even going to try and sanitize that thing. It's "bye, Felicia," and into the trash...


"Create in me a clean heart, O God..." Psalm 51:10

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