Friday, August 26, 2016

See-Through Dresses, Car Problems, and Praising God in Hard Times

SUNDAY morning started with Jim asking me, as we were walking out the door, TO CHURCH, "Moose, is that dress see-through? Because it kind of looks like it."

While I do appreciate his feedback on what I wear...because I would never want to dress inappropriately...his question made me think ALLTHETHOUGHTS about how I've worn this dress TO CHURCH about 15-16 times in the last 4 years...

And about how we've been married 36 years, and he thinks I have see-through dresses...

And that I'd wear one to church.

I didn't have time to change out of my "see-through" dress, but I did yank it up and showed him that it was, indeed, COMPLETELY lined.


And then MONDAY morning started out with car problems, just as Jim was heading out-of-town (he's back now...I wrote this earlier).

Over the years, and with all of the kids we have, we've had our share of dead batteries, flat tires, smoking engines...and dashboard warning lights going off. I told my kids this morning: car problems never happen at a convenient time. Am I right?

This is the 2nd time in two weeks for this particular vehicle. We like to drive our cars INTO THE GROUND, so car problems are to be expected...especially when you drive a 13 year old vehicle.

We never know what each day will bring.

In fact, the last time I was home, my Dad reminded me of this fact.

My Dad has Parkinson's, and, in just a few years, his health has declined dramatically. But he said this:

"Every day is like a surprise...if you wake up. You never know what you're gonna face each day, health-wise. I've lived a pretty good life. I've been very healthy and active until the last 4 1/2 years. It's unrealistic to think that all my days from here on out will be "good" days. This is really the first adversity (except for the death of my Mom) I've had to face in nearly 80 years of life. I've praised God in the good times...why wouldn't I praise Him in the hard times?"

"...Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity...?" Job 2:10

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