Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Quiet Tuesday

It's been a pretty quiet Tuesday around here.

Holly and the baby came over about mid-morning. I had gotten up, and started doing laundry and, ya know, glamorous stuff like that.

I made a coffee cake for Clark, because he loves it so much...and I'm pleased (?) to report that tonight? At bedtime? It's nearly gone.


In his defense, if he needs a defense, he didn't eat it all himself. I had a huge smallish piece for breakfast, and Holly had some of it throughout the day as well.

But Clark has really eaten most of it.

Oh to have the metabolism of a 20 year old boy.

I fixed lunch for everyone, and I held the baby while they ate. Jim walked in about the time they were done. He took a half-day of vacation today. He claimed he came home to mow the yard, but he snatched that baby from me in about 2 seconds FLAT...and they both took naps.

I had to twist Holly's arm so that she would go outside and hang out in the pool with her brothers. I mean, Jim and I kept the baby...in the house...just steps from, ya know...THE BACK YARD.

First time Mommy.

But she went out, and I think she had a good time getting to relax for a minute. She didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. She said Rhodie likes to party all night and sleep all day! Ha!

Even so, he's just so stinkin' precious!

But Clark mowed the yard, and Jim ran the weed-eater. I cooked dinner, and we had a great night.

Just a typical, normal, family night.

The nights I will miss and remember after Clark goes back to school in just a couple of weeks.

Let's not talk about that right now, m'kay?

"...and you and your children and grandchildren must fear the Lord your God as long as you live." Deuteronomy 6:2

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