Friday, August 19, 2016

Rhodes is 9 weeks old!

Rhodie is 9 weeks old today. How can this be?

He is so fun! My favorite is when he's sleeping on my chest or shoulder, and starts to wake up. He is warm and soft...and squished up into a little ball, like newborns do. Even tho he's not a "newborn" anymore, he still can still squish it up with the best of them. :)

He is starting to find his voice. He squeals and "talks" and it is the cutest thing ever.


He likes to be held. He likes us to talk to him. But he really likes to lay on his back and look around. After a diaper change, he will lay on his back, and talk and smile.

OH HOW HE SMILES! It absolutely melts my heart. What is it Olaf (from Frozen) says?

"some people are worth melting for..."

We are enjoying him so much!

Today is Friday. It's the first week of public school here in our driving through town at certain times is crazy. We also are a town of "round-abouts." Do y'all have them in your town? We have tons of them. They are supposed to be better, faster, and more efficient than traffic lights. I don't know if that is true...what I DO know is that I wish the new college students would have a manditory "in-service" on how they work...because it's a MESS for weeks!

We hope to have a pretty "chill" weekend here, because WE ARE MOVING OUR BABY BOY BACK TO COLLEGE ON SUNDAY.


This is the part of parenting that never gets easier for me.

Clark kept telling us that his move-in day was Saturday, so we were all gearing up for Saturday...everyone arranging their schedules, so they could help.


In typical boy-style, he tells us on TUESDAY..."ummm...I think I don't move in until SUNDAY."

Okayyyyyy...but we have scheduled a big breakfast deal in our small group for Sunday morning, and our choir is wanting "all hands on deck, Granger" (name that movie) (Harry Potter) for our worship special. We've decided to go to small group, and then everyone but me will go home...and I'll sing for the late service, and then come home after that.

And then we'll head down to his college.

I know, or I'm pretty sure, that this moving day will not be as hard as last year's moving day. Last year was ROUGH, but Clark is a sophomore this year. I'm not ready for him to go, but he's ready to be back. I understand, and I don't blame him, and I know this is where he is supposed to be.

It's just...hard.

He is going to miss Rhodie so much!

Monday will also be Logan's first day back at Occupational Therapy school. This week was Morgan's first week of teaching at her school, and so I think Logan has been ready to start back, too. She said that he has cleaned house, done laundry, and made dinner for them this week. :)

I was telling someone yesterday that life is full of "seasons." We have seasons where we go, go, go...and seasons where we stay; seasons where we hold on tight...and seasons where we let go. There are seasons when things are very inconsistent, or spur-of-the-moment...and other seasons where things are consistent, routine, and go according to plan. We have seasons when we are all together...and seasons where we are alone.

Easy seasons, fun seasons, difficult seasons, sad seasons.

Jesus is Lord in every season.

"He is your constant source of stability..." Isaiah 33:6

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