Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Day 4 (Lazy River and Water Slide)

So, on our last day at the beach...the weather was AWESOME. Sunny, warm, breezy. I could've sat there all day.

Oh wait.

I did.

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Joshua-and-the-wrist-band-saga continued. If it's even possible, the wrist-band was stretched out even more.

At about noon, Aaron-the-son-in-law decided that he needed to go on back, so that he could be in the office on Thursday.

As in: take one of the vehicles and DRIVE ALL THE WAY BACK HOME TO ARKANSAS by himself.

Because getting up early in the morning and going with the rest of us apparently was not an option.

Holly was pretty disappointed, but if he really needed to work...then he really needed to work. I was fine with it until we had to cram two vehicles worth of people and stuff into one vehicle...and then I may or may not have been cranky.

But he left, and the rest of us stayed on the beach.

When it was time for the rest of us to go up to our condo and start getting ready for dinner, I knew it was time to walk the walk.

From the time we arrived at our condo, I had been saying that I wanted to ride the lazy river and go on the water slide that was in our pool. Joshua had gone up to the condo to have lunch with Logan and Morgan. Apparently when he got up there, he tore his wrist-band to shreds.

The wrist-band you have to wear if you want to be in the lazy river or on the water slide.

Joshua had said that he wanted to do the lazy river with me. I was not prepared for what he had going on when he came down to the pool. He had TIED WHAT WAS LEFT OF HIS WRIST-BAND on the string of his swimsuit, so it was just hanging there, front and center.


He told me one or 10 lies about how it "ripped on a ladder," or how he "fell and it broke." AREYOUKIDDINGME?

But Joshua and I got in the lazy river, and Holly took pictures. When I got down by the water slide, Joshua got out and I walked over to the water-slide.

Fortunately for me, I got in line with a bunch of tweenagers, who stared at me like I was the crypt-keeper. I said, "I lost a bet, and now I have to go down this slide." The girls looked at me like I was the scum of all scum. I turned to the boys and started asking them questions about the water slide, like, "is it fast?" and "is it scary?" and "do I sit up or lie down?"

Important things I needed to know.

The boys said, "you can sit up if you want to go slower, or lie down if you want to go fast. Don't pay any attention to us...we are doing tricks and stuff."

And they were. They went down backwards...and on their tummies...and on their sides...and in all sorts of positions.

Finally, it was my turn. Holly said she could tell when I was going to come down, because alllllll of the teeny-boppers leaned way over from the top...and watched me go down the slide.

I made it just fine, and Holly posted the video on Facebook...which just goes to show you that in this day and time, nothing is sacred. Or secret. Or dignified. Because she even put it in slo-mo, the little rat.

We went to dinner at a new place that Clark suggested, Bahama Bob's. It was pretty good. He and Faith had gone there last year when they went to the beach with her family. After dinner, we headed out to the beach, and Holly took a bunch of pictures. I hated that Aaron wasn't in them...or Faith...or Joshua's girlfriend, Jenni.

But whatcha gonna do?

And then we went back to our condo to start packing things up...and we waited for Morgan's family to get there.

Morgan's Aunt decided to plan a beach trip for their family for the 2nd half of the week of Spring Break. Logan and Morgan were so excited, because they got to stay all week at the beach! I was trying to be very happy for them, because it was a huge treat!

When Morgan's mom called, Jim and Clark took Logan and Morgan to meet up with her. I was so sad to see them go, but they weren't one bit sad about leaving US.

It's the sound of those waves hittin' the beach. I get it. I lose my mind when I hear them, too!

We had such a great day, and it's been such an awesome week with our kids!

"You rule the oceans. You subdue their storm-tossed waves." Psalm 89:9

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