Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Day 1 (Pizza Hut & The Grocery)

I haven't really blogged much on this trip, and I would like to say it's because I'm having too much fun.

Which, I am.

But also there's the contacts.


More on that later.

On our first night there, we always go eat pizza...and then we always go to the grocery. So after we explored our condo, we all piled in one car, and headed to the pizza place...where we proceeded to wait at the "please wait to be seated" sign for approximately 17 minutes without a SOUL saying anything to us. While we were standing there, I took a gander at the other people in the restaurant. NO ONE WAS SMILING...and only one table had food.


But Jim, who is normally the "let's just go somewhere else" person in situations like this, very calmly said, "wellll...this place is never very fast...let's all be patient."

Which just proves that the Pizza Hut at the Gulf Shores must be a portal, and we have now been transported to another world.

We did finally get seated by a very harried and sweet waitress who was doing her best to do it all. I overheard her say that they'd had several people quit recently, and that she'd been there all day. We left her a good tip.

We got our food and it was good, and then we headed to the grocery store.


Because, if you've ever tried to take 5 toddlers anywhere...or if you've ever, say, tried to corral cats...well, then you can kind of relate to what it was like. It was kind of like a combination of both of those things.

Jim said he and Joshua would relax in the car while I took the rest of the kids and did all the work wait in the car while the 6 of us went to the store. I suggested they go in and try to find an umbrella, since he mentioned we might need another one. He said, AND I QUOTE, "good idea."

So, I took 4 young adults and a 19 year old into the store with me...with instructions to get any special things they liked for breakfast, lunch and snacks...and I went aisle by aisle to get the things on my list. And 30 minutes later, they found me in the section where you buy alcohol in a carton like orange juice.


I don't drink, but I did need a stiff Diet Dr. Pepper and two Motrin by the time we got back to the condo.

Don't judge me.

Because when we got to the car, all 6 of us and a completely full buggy...Jim and Joshua were sitting in there checking their Facebook and WHAT-NOT. When I opened the trunk, it was I said, "you didn't find an umbrella?"

And Jim said, "what umbrella?"

And that's how Jim died.

Just kidding.

I said, "you said you were going to look for another umbrella while we were shopping for groceries." Jim, "well, I guess I COULD do that."


The kids helped me load everything into the car, while Jim went into the store. I sat in the front seat in the fetal position until one of the kids said, "there's DAD!" He was pushing a buggy with a new umbrella in it, and grinning from ear to ear.  I fought the urge to tell him that he just took away 20 minutes of my life that I would never get back.

We got back to the condo, and got everything put up...and everyone was full and happy. I took a hot shower and got ready for bed a fun week. I posted some pictures of our trip on my Facebook and IG (martythemoose).

Speaking of taking a shower...the shower in the master bathroom had two heads on it. I believe I might have complained casually mentioned about the issues with our shower and the hot water and how I am turning into my mother-in-law because I think the government is out to get me by taking away my hot shower rights with their energy-efficient water heaters.


I stepped into that shower, turned on BOTH shower heads, and stood in the middle for 5 or 7 minutes and just let the hot water hit me from all sides. It.was.glorious.

I told Jim, "if we ever get to build a house, like when you retire, we have GOT to have a shower like that." He said, "you DO realize that that's a shower for two people, don't you?"

And I went all Diff'rent Strokes, "what'chu talkin' about, Willis?" on him.

Because that is a shower for one very happy person.

"O God, You cause abundant showers to fall on Your chosen people. When they are tired, You sustain them..." Psalm 68:9

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