Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Daze, March 5-6, 2015

So, we had a colossal snow storm here this week. Not "colossal" compared to most places...but for Arkansas, it was. I think our meteorologist said it was the 6th snowiest Little Rock in history. Don't quote me on that, tho. I wasn't really paying attention.

Jim worked from home yesterday morning. We didn't have any outages in our area, so he was able to keep up on-line and on the phone. Mid-morning, he thought he would try to make it to work. First, tho, he walked out front to take a picture of our house in the snow. He said, "I bet people are wondering, 'why did that guy put his trash-can at the curb this morning...does he really think the trash truck is gonna run in this weather?'"

I reminded him that it's probably not the first time they've wondered about him. Or about our trash. On more than one occasion, Jim has taken the trash to the curb on a holiday...and then LEFT IT OUT THERE FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK when the trash didn't run...just to prove a point.

What point, I do not know.

I basically did nothing much to speak of on these two snow days...unless you count that I made chicken 'n' dumplin's for dinner last night, and they were the BOMB...annnnnnd I got all caught up on over a week's worth of blog reading.

I ain't mad about it.

Clark's school could not make a call last night on closing again today. They said they would wait until 5 a.m. and then decide.

I appreciate our school administration, who try very hard to put the safety of our students first. But what I want to say is this: if you are going to wait until 5 a.m. to decide whether to have school that day or probably need to go on ahead and have school.

Because I've been up since 5 a.m., waiting on the call...and I'm gonna hit my peak around 2, and it will be all downhill from there.

You have been warned.

And my youngest son, who is a senior...who normally has to drrrraaaaaaggggg himself around in the mornings, was up before 6:30. A.M.


We hung out here at home all day long. Clark's school was canceled due to the snow. Holly's nursing school classes were canceled as well, so she came over to our house. After Jim and Aaron got home from work, we made plans to go out for dinner.

We had a great dinner...but we sure missed Logan and Morgan!

Clark spent some time playing a PlayStation football game with Joshua this afternoon. He said that, during one of their games, one of the players took an incredibly hard hit, and Joshua yelled, "WOW...he just got LAAAAAAAAAID!"

"She has no fear of winter for her household, for everyone has warm clothes." Proverbs 31:21

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