Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Road Trippin'

Took a little road trip with my family the other day. You learn a lot about people when you travel with them...when you're trapped in a vehicle for 10 hours.

Just sayin'.

You learn a lot about yourself, too.

Or maybe that's just me.

Growing up, I traveled a lot with my family...and since we've been married, we've traveled a lot with our kids. My sister has taken us on some really wonderful trips, too. All this to say, I know how to pack. I know how to leave things in my house. I know to turn the air/heat up or down. I know to stop the papers. I know to have our mail held. I know to clean out the frig, and to wash all of the dishes. I know to set timers on our lights, so that it looks like someone is home. These are things that I just do. I don't announce them...I don't talk about it, unless I need help.

Jim, on the other hand, tells me every.single.detail. of what needs to be done, and what he is going to do. Step-by-step. OH MY WORD. And, I feel bad, but when I'm trying to think about everything I need to get done, I can't even concentrate on what he is saying.

It wears me OUT!

I usually don't post anything about our travels until after the fact, and we always have someone checking on things at our house.

It took 10 hours to arrive at our destination. You'd think that with older kids...young adults...we wouldn't have to stop as much...and we didn't...FOR THEM. It's just that the patriarch of our group had to stop TWICE to tee-tee, not including when we stopped for lunch.

This is also known as: what we now have in common with toddlers.

What got us through the 10 hours without losing our cool? the cupcakes Clark's girlfriend sent with us.

Oh. And peanut M&Ms. Lots of those.

We arrived at our condo in Orange Beach, and it's bee-utiful! We've never stayed in this particular complex before. We just needed 4 bedrooms, so we had to stay in a different place. It was perfect!

We typically don't stay in places as nice as this one. I found this place and it was offering a special Spring Break deal. Good thing, because we are not fancy people. We are more like get-a-one-bedroom-and-everyone-bring-blow-up-beds kind of people.

I looked at Jim and said, "I hope you know, I can't go back to that other place...I can't...I won't.

Of course, I was just kidding.

But it's been really nice that everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom.

Here's to Spring Break!

"All my fountains of joy are in You!" Psalm 87:7

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