Monday, March 9, 2015

Joshua's Facebook Post On Special Needs

Last night, I was just sitting in our living room with Jim...minding my own business. Joshua was upstairs, and Jim and I were talking about what to do for dinner. On Sundays, after morning church, we typically come home and have FFYS for lunch. FFYS stands for Fend For Your Selves. We usually take out all the left-overs from the night before, and we take turns using the microwave to warm up what we want.

And then we beat it to the couches and get all snug and comfy.

On Sunday NIGHTS, we usually go out and grab a quick dinner. USUALLY it's McAlister's, because Jim likes to get a salad AND soup. And, because I normally can't eat all of MY soup or my half-of-a-sandwich, Jim eats that, too. He gets quite a good meal when we go to McAlister's!

I was sitting in my chair, reading the newsfeed on my Facebook...when I saw a post from Joshua. And it was long.


Joshua can write him some dramatic Facebook posts. Just sayin'. He likes to use very descriptive words, some of which he makes up himself. You just never know what he is going to say.

And, lots of times, my family members or friends will text me with messages like "Joshua's post," or "what happened with Joshua," and I just about break my neck trying to pull it up.

But this post, I read it...and then I cried...because it came straight from his heart.

In a way I think when people treat those with special needs. In a mean way it is not nice at all. The bible states that all people are created by The Lord. In a morphincal way. I think that is wrong for treating those with special needs. I will not stand aside and let people like my self be treated in a mean way. Because we are just created in the image of The Lord god has created people with special needs for a reason. Even if one stand's alone. I commonly have to spread the word with camp barnabas and with my companion. Jenni Hayes as well as many others whom has special needs. Quit using the r word. Because we have feelings and we are one in The Lord. We are have one heart in The Lord. The Lord even proclaim's to don't judge people at all unless you want to be judged. I have to happen to have a heart for people even people whom all has special needs. So treat people the way you want to be treated Matthew 7:12 I care for people. I believe that everyone has a heart of Christ within us. Who will stand up with me for those people whom has special needs.thank you.

Sweet, right? Powerful.

Did you see the word, "morphincal?" That's inspired from Power Rangers, and he makes up all kinds of versions of that word in his posts.

Clark asked me what I thought about Joshua's post. I said that I thought it was awesome. He said, "morphincal?" I said, "yes." He said, " morphincal?"

And I said, "yes...yes, He is."

One of my sisters asked me what brought all this on with Joshua, so I asked him about it.

He's been reading a Tony Dungy devotional book that he got for Christmas. I think it must talk a lot about people who influence us in our lives, because Joshua will post something on Facebook, thanking people who were in his life a long time ago. The most recent post was thanking the lunch-room ladies in Jr. High and High School. I figured something he read in that book had gotten him all stirred up.


He said that he had been reading all of the recent posts about the "R" word, which got him thinking...and that two verses from our sermon on Sunday, really spoke to him: First, in Genesis, where God created everyone in HIS image. EVERYONE. And then in Matthew, where Jesus said to treat everyone how you want to be treated. 

He said that he was sick and tired of being silent about it, because it just wasn't right.

Preach it, Joshua!

I was flying high with pride at my little Norma Rae.

BUT THEN, he said, "and if anyone wants to make fun of people with special needs or disabilities...they're gonna get a kick in the face from THIS GUY with special needs."

So high...and then so low.


"In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary." 1 Corinthians 12:22

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