Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Chase Race (2015) and a Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning, Jim, Holly and Aaron all ran in a 2 mile race in our town, to benefit Arkansas' Children's Hospital.

Which, I'm all for racing...and giving to good causes...and all of that. But do they always have to be scheduled at the crack o'dawn in the wintertime? I understand the need to have early races on the warm, late Spring days...and the scorching hot summer days...but in the winter? BOOSH! It was cold.

Our one saving, two: NO RAIN, and the sun was out. Praise Jesus!

They all three did very well. I'm so proud of them! Joshua did pretty well, too, if you don't count the CONSTANT MUTTERING. He muttered about getting up early, wearing ALL THE LAYERS, walking where there was ice, PARKING where there was ice...and why were there so many dogs at this race.

*The race is named for a 13 year old boy, who passed away a few years ago due to a traumatic brain injury. He loved animals, so along with the 2 mile race, there is a 1 mile "walk" that people can do with their pets. Last year, I saw a lady with a pet raccoon.


Yes, I live in Arkansas...why do you ask?

She brought a pet a race where there was going to be a ton of dogs.

After the race, we all went to Chick-Fil-A, and you should've seen the grin on Joshua's face. CFA has magical powers, because not only did the muttering instantly disappear...but when Jim got ready to pay for our meal, the cashier said, "that's okay, Mr. Jim, I've already taken care of it." Jim said, "what?" And the guy said, "you're the Customer of the Day!"

Well, HOW-dee!

And, it's always a treat to watch Joshua eat. My kids borrow a line from "Friends," and say it like Chandler would: "It's a treat for the eyes...and the ears."

Bless hims wittle heart.

He ordered a sausage/egg/cheese biscuit, and then opened it up. Which, who knew they had sausage at Chick? NOT ME. Anyway, he took out the sausage and carefully cut it up into small pieces with his knife and fork...and then ate it all. Then he at the top bun. Next, he took the egg off and cut it up into small pieces, and ate it. And then he ate the bottom bun.

Clark said it was like watching a "Seinfeld" episode. Remember the one where they ate candy bars and cookies with a fork and knife?

We hung out here as a family all day. Holly's husband was on a day-trip with his dad, so she was here, too. She spent most of the day studying for a test she has on Monday.

When Holly is here, we like to order Chinese food for dinner. Her husband is a VERY picky eater, so when she's with us, she likes to have the things she doesn't typically get to eat. We suggested Chinese food last night, but Jim said he wasn't feelin' it. Tonight, HE suggested it, and Clark did the happy dance!

It has been such a great day. Even tho I didn't get much of anything done around here, it was sunny and bright outside, and doesn't that just make everything better? I say, "YES!" Especially after a long week of rain, freezing rain, thunder, sleet and snow!

I am excited for church in the morning! I love Sundays!

"All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with purpose in every step..." 1 Corinthians 9:25-26

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