Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Day 3 (One Good Eye)

Day 3 at the beach dawned much like the days before (here, here, here). I just love watching the sun rise over the ocean. It never gets old, does it?

Answer: No, not it does not.

Seeing the mist and the clouds being pushed away by the light. Again...I could chew on that, as it relates to LIFE, all day long.

But I won't.

Not today.

It stayed cloudy even longer this morning, and we waited in the condo for the sun to come out. Had I been thinking clearly, I would've realized that it was the perfect "lightness" for pictures, and gotten everyone down to the beach in their cute clothes.

But alas...

I never even thought about it.

Eventually, tho, we headed down to the beach. Aaron-the-son-in-law is a big kid at heart. He brought down our skim board and a boogie board. He was ready to have him some fun. 

He started with the skim board first. He immediately attracted the attention of 3 young boys, who started asking him all kinds of questions. Aaron is very good with kids, and was patient in answering all of them. He put on a show with his crazy, arm-flailing antics expert skim-boarding moves.

Then, he got out the boogie board and headed out into the waves. If you don't know, skim boards are used at the water's edge...and boogie boards are used out in the water. His new little friends joined him in this, and they had a big time riding the waves to shore.

And, even tho Aaron had on sunscreen...and even tho he re-applied about 4 times during the day...he got as red as a lobster. I'm guessing all the times his body hit the sand or rode a wave into shore...rubbed off all of his sunscreen. He didn't complain at all. It just looked uncomfortable.

The rest of us were basically content to sit on the beach. I had Joshua wrapped in a large beach towel because the wind was whipping. It was about this time that I noticed THE WRISTBAND.

When I first put it on him, I went through the long speech about how everyone had to wear was the rule...and we needed to keep it on the whole time we were there...again, it was the rule...blah, blah, blah. The whole time I was talking, he had on his "defiant Fred face." You know, angry eyes, jaw set, lower lip stuck out. He.was.not.happy.

So, sitting on the beach, I looked over at Joshua's wristband. It was on his arm, all right, but it was stretched and warped beyond recognition. Home-boy had apparently spent quite a bit of time slowly and deliberately pullllllling on it until he got it off his wrist...and now it was all stretched out. Instead of fitting close to the skin LIKE A NORMAL WRISTBAND...his hung like a bangle.

I didn't think we could go back and ask for another one, altho we probably could've. It's just that we had already gotten him another one the day before, because he "accidentally" snapped his FIRST band shut before we put it on his wrist, and you know that after those things are snapped together, they will not open back up. THAT'S KIND OF THE POINT.

We decided to go to Lulu's for dinner. It's a restaurant owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister. It is usually VERY crowded, so, once again...Jim wanted us to leave our condo at 4:30.

When I came in from the beach and started getting ready, I noticed that my right eye was very irritated. I figured that maybe a grain of sand had gotten in under my contact. I thought that if I took it out, cleaned it and put it back would be fine.


When I took my contact out, it had a significant chunk missing from it. WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHERE DID IT GO? I ended up throwing that contact away, obviously, and I spent the rest of our vacation with just one contact. I NEVER have problems with my contacts, but I do always think about the "what ifs" before I go on a trip...which is why I had ordered a new box of them before we left. They were supposed to get here on Friday, but they didn't come. I thought, "oh well...they'll probably come on Saturday." We were leaving on Sunday. Well, they never came, but OH WELL...I never have any problems with my contacts, so I doubted that I would even need an extra set.


All in all, it was a minor inconvenience. It did give me a head-ache for days, and it was super frustrating, but I know there are people who can't even see what I can see on a bad there's that. Very thankful for sight.

Back to Lulu's: They told us it would be a 40 minute wait, which isn't bad...but we ended up only waiting about 20 minutes! The guys didn't mind waiting because they could look at all the fancy yachts in the little harbor there. The GIRLS didn't mind waiting, because we shopped in the little Lulu's shop, and I bought each of them a sweatshirt. Even Faith, who didn't get to come with us this year, got a sweatshirt to match Holly's and Morgan's.

And Joshua picked out a t-shirt for Jenni, too.

Our dinner was very good, as usual.

After dinner, we drove out to the outlet malls at Foley, Alabama...and everyone kind of split up. Jim and Joshua usually go together to "man stores," and then come back to the vehicle and wait on everyone. Holly and Aaron went together, Logan and Morgan went together...and Clark and I went together. I usually get a new pair of Nikes at the Nike outlet every year, and this year was no exception.

We finally all met up at the vehicle, and headed back to the condo. I made more "wop" cookies. Day 3 was a success!

So very thankful to have this time with our family.

"Praise the Lord from the earth, all sea monsters and ocean depths..." Psalm 148:7

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