Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lookin' for Purple, & The Shower Saga

Another bee-u-ti-ful Arkansas day. These are the kind of days that are few and far between in Arkansas. Not that we don't have beautiful days. I'm just talking: sunny and warm...without humidity. In Arkansas, the humidity will TAKE.YOU.DOWN.

This week, tho? Soooooo nice.

Joshua's group was doing a morning walk, and then the Therapeutic Recreation Center. Then, lunch at the Center...and then heading to the gym for circuit training.

It's "fitness day," can you tell?

After I dropped him off, I went in search for a purple shirt for Clark. I am just not having any luck. Purple is apparently not a popular color for guys. I may just have to get him a white dress shirt and a purple tie. We, our family, are all wearing shades of purple on Sunday for Senior Sunday. Purple, because he's going to Ouachita Baptist, and their colors are purple and gold. Families don't HAVE to color coordinate, but who are we kidding? This is the South, and it's just FUN to match!

My dress is not really the dark purple that I wanted, and neither is Holly's dress...but it's what we could find, and so that's what we're wearing.

I did pick up a pair of shorts for Clark and a shirt with big "Toucan Sam" lookin' birds on it. I feel certain Joshua will bust it out one day in some sort of random fashion combination. I can't wait.

After we came home, I set out hamburgers and hot-dogs for Jim to grill. I made the cheese dip that Clark likes, and some sweet corn. Jim cooked some squash on the grill. And THEN I got a text from Clark saying he would be eating with Faith-the-girlfriend.

And to that I slow-blinked him in my mind.

And then I texted Holly and invited her and Aaron over for dinner. You know, like that story from the Bible where the man had a big wedding banquet for his son, and the people they invited for dinner didn't want to come. So the man had his slaves to out into the, as one of mine used to say, "bull-bushes" and invite whoever they could find.

Holly has had two "12's " (12 hour shifts) back-to-back this week for her clinical rotation. I knew she would be dead-tired after today. She has gotten up at 4:45 the past two mornings, and then last night didn't get home until 7:30. I texted her a little after 6, and she had not left the hospital yet...but said they would LOVE to come over and eat after she got home.

We enjoyed having them here!

After they left, I went back to take a shower before I put on my pajammies.

Have I written about the Shower Saga? I haven't?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went back to our master bathroom, and there was a tiny little ball-bearing-lookin'-thing on the counter, and another little round thing next to it. I thought, "well, THAT can't be good..." but didn't think any more about it. After Jim got in from work that night, he told me that those pieces belonged to our shower door, and that our shower door wasn't working anymore. We have those sliding shower doors WHICH WE HATE. They are so hard to clean in-between, and we think they are gross.

Jim said, "DON'T USE THE INSIDE DOOR because it's broken...just use the outside door."

Which is super fun.

So that's what I've been doing for the past 10 days or so. Easing myself into the shower while trying not to even touch the shower doors...and then sllllooooooowwwwlllly shutting the outside door. Ugh.

Jim and I talked about re-doing the whole shower...taking out the insert, and then doing a really nice tile shower. But, we don't plan on staying in this house, and it seemed like a lot of money to invest in it right Jim said he would just "order the part and fix it himself."

Hmmm, THIS should be good.

Well, last night, I got in the shower, and the outside door wouldn't shut. I gently tugged on it, and there was resistance...and then that whole door kind of vibrated a little, and looked like it was going to fall completely out. Which would serve it right.

So I had to take a shower with the shower door OPEN.

And water went out all over the floor.

And it was cold in there with the shower door open.

Tonight, I went in to take a shower before bed, and the shower door is still standing open...and Jim has placed a towel down to catch the water. The towel is half inside the shower and half outside the shower.

Gotta tell ya, as I stood in my shower with the door open and water going everywhere, I felt a strong connection to Caroline Ingalls...who I'm sure had to stand in an outdoor shower with no door, and dump rain-water on her head.

"Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving..." Psalm 95:2

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