Friday, May 1, 2015

God Bless Holly, Amen


I just have to share: my baby girl applied for her first big girl job today. I'm so proud of her!

She is a month shy from graduating from nursing school, and she had an interview in the NICU this afternoon.

She found out about the interview on Wednesday. And even tho I look forward to Fridays so much, because it's typically a quiet day after 3 rushed days of going back and forth to Little Rock for Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation...I told her that if she wanted Joshua and I to go with her to LR for moral support, we would.

Well, she did.

And plus, she had to have "dress pants" for her interview, and she didn't have any. Like me, she has jeans, capris and dress pants. We headed down to LR this morning and went straight to the store.

Joshua was being kind of a grump and I was getting a little frustrated with him. I mean, good grief. I kept asking him if he was okay, and he kept saying he was "fine." At the store, I felt like I was dragging him around with us. He would sigh loudly and mumble under his breath. Finally, I found a chair and sat down beside him while Holly shopped. I asked, "WHAT is wrong?" He said, "I'm worried about your credit card."

Now, the fact he said that would probably make Jim do cartwheels in the living room, but, as they say around here, "it flew all over me."

We try not to talk about money too much around the kids. Or, I do, anyway. I want our kids to be thankful, and they are. I want them not to expect things handed to them on a silver platter, and they don't. I want them to work and save and give as they can...and they do.

Jim and his family are VERY SERIOUS when it comes to money. They are big believers in saving, and I am very thankful for that, because we have all benefited from wise financial decisions made by those who have gone before us.

We are a one-income family. I use my credit card for everything, and Jim wants it that way. It's easier for him at the end of the month, because everything is accounted for and in one place...and he pays it off completely every month. Which, none of this is anyone's business, and however you do your money is none of mine. I'm just saying that when we talk about my credit card, it's not a bad thing. I'm not over-using it, and we are not over-extended.

But Joshua hears it and he hears commercials on tv and now he's all worried every time I use my credit card that it's a bad thing. And it's not.

So, I said, "I am going to help Holly buy a few things for her interview today." Joshua said, "Dad might have a fit about it."

I said, "Well, you know what? I"m not too worried about it, and you shouldn't be, either. I appreciate how hard Dad works for our family, and before I buy anything, I try to think WWMD." This is a saying our family has had for years. What Would Mammaw Do? I think about it before any big purchase, and before I buy anything for the kids...WWMD.

Jim's mom is one of the most generous people I have ever met. There has never been a time when she has let me pay for anything...when I am with her. So I said to Joshua, "if Mammaw was here, and Holly needed something...would she get it for her?" And Joshua said, "yes."

And I said, "if Mammaw was here, and YOU needed something, would she get it for YOU?" And Joshua said, "well, not HERE."

Because we were in White House Black Market.

And I said, "if Mammaw was here, and I needed something, would she get it for ME?" And Joshua said, "yes."

I said, "Mammaw has set the bar pretty high, but she has been generous with us, and I'm gonna be generous with you kids, if I can...and then, if you can, all of y'all can be generous with your kids one day."

Joshua: "mumblemumblemumble..."

Me: "And if Dad has a problem with that, he can take it up with his mother. So there." And I said that last part emphatically, and put my hand on my hip.

And Joshua cracked up laughing.

And he was fine the whole rest of the day.

Holly got a couple of cute things. At one point, she came out with an outfit on, and asked Joshua, "how do I look?" And he said, "me-OW," which is what every girl wants to hear FROM HER BROTHER. And when she came out in her final choice, she asked him, "does this look professional?" And Joshua said, "ehhh...close enough."

There was also this really cute skirt in there and I asked Holly to try it on "for fun." I just wanted to see how it looked on a person, and I didn't want to be the one to try it on. After I started looking at it, tho, I said, "it might be too short for you." Holly is quite a bit taller than I am. Holly said, "well, it might be too long for YOU." Joshua looked at me and said, "I don't think you should try that on." I said, "why not?" He reached over, patted me on the arm, and said, "I think you've passed that generation."

Which makes me want to buy that skirt more than ever now.

We had the best day. Holly was a nervous as a cat about this interview. She changed in the bathroom at the hospital, and then we sat on this little bench out in the hallway. I got up and went to the bathroom, and when I came out, the girl who teaches Joshua's small group class at our church was standing there talking to Joshua! I knew this girl was a nurse, but never imagined we'd see her today. Never even thought about her. She started talking to Holly, and Holly told her she was going up to the NICU for an interview. This girl worked in Labor and Delivery. She said, "if you work up there, I'll get to see you a lot!" Holly noticed the girl was carrying a Subway bag, and asked her, "are you going up to the 2nd floor?" When she said, "yes!" Holly asked, "Can I go up with you?"

It was just like God to send us what we needed...when we didn't even know we needed it. Joshua and I watched as the two girls walked down the hallway and stood in front of the elevator doors. They were non-stop talking...and it made me so happy. This girl had no idea of the calming effect she had on Holly...but she will. When I tell her on Sunday! :)

Joshua and I walked outside. This particular hospital has a really pretty garden area out front, with fountains and statues and lots of seating. Today was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside. We sat down by the fountain. I said, "Joshua, I feel like we need to say a prayer for Holly right now." And Joshua said, "I'll pray." He reached over and took my hand...and I closed my eyes. Not gonna lie, I started to get a little teary...until he prayed, "God bless Holly, Amen." 


I opened my eyes and looked at him. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "short and sweet."

Holly had an awesome interview, and goes back to meet another group of shift nurses next week.

On our way home, I passed a van that was kind of swerving in and out of the lanes. As I pulled up beside him to pass, I glanced over and said, "Holly! GUY PLAYING GUITAR...GUY PLAYING GUITAR...GET A PICTURE...OH MY WORD." And I slowed down. She said, "ON IT," and got the shot.

I mean, seriously?

Dude was playing his guitar WHILE DRIVING. 

When we got home and I looked at my watch, I told Joshua that we'd been gone for 6 hours. He said, "well, that was the best 6 hours OF MY LIFE."

Gonna hafta agree on that, big guy.

"We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

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