Saturday, May 30, 2015

For Spite, and A Birthday Party

I'm still alive.

I can hardly believe I haven't posted in 2 days. It's like I don't even know who I am anymore!

This morning, we took Joshua to a birthday party for his friend, Crystal. He and Crystal go to Therapeutic Recreation together, and they are great friends. Last year, Crystal's parents had a cook-out for all the FRIENDS, and it was so much fun! This year they had it again...only for her birthday!

Joshua had an opportunity to go bowling with a group of FRIENDS on Friday night, and then we knew we had this birthday party on Saturday. I gave Joshua the choice, because I just thought it was gonna be too much to go down to Little Rock on Friday night, and then turn right around and go back down there on Saturday. He chose the birthday party, because he knew it would mean a lot to Crystal.

Jim said, "I think it will be easier for us to take him on Saturday, anyway."

Emphasis on "us."

Well. This morning, he was making plans to go on a bike ride...or to the gym...when he casually said, "what time do you need to leave?"

And I was all, like, "what was that now?"

Because there is no YOU in US. Which...well, you get my drift.

And then we fussed had a discussion, and one or both of us may have gotten an attitude about it...because, seriously? Joshua is going to be gone for a week to Camp and CAN'T YOU GO TO THE GYM OR ON A BIKE RIDE ON ANY ONE OF THOSE DAYS? Yes, I think you can.

Apparently, Jim decided he wanted to live to see tomorrow to go on a walk and Clark went with him. While he was gone, Joshua and I went to our local Wal-Marks to get a few last minute things. I decided that I could, indeed, take Joshua to the birthday party by myself...if it was going to be an issue...and I could be happy about it. I really didn't mind going alone...I just wanted Jim to come with us.

When we got home, I went back to our bedroom. Jim had just gotten out of the shower, and was getting dressed. I said, "I'll just take Joshua myself."

And Jim said, "no, I'm going."

And I said, "I don't want you to go."

And he said, "oh, I'm going."

And I said, "you're just going to spite me."

And he said, "no, I'm not...but I'm going."

I may or may not have mumbled something under my breath as he walked out of the room. But then I thought, maybe he had a change of heart about it, just like I did. Maybe he wasn't really going to spite me.
I still totally think he was, but whatever. 

That is marriage, boys and girls. I mean, without the fussing and Jim the demanding of our own ways. It's give and take...and then give some more.

I'm totally over it.

We pulled up at Crystal's house, and got the lawn chairs out of the trunk. Crystal watched us pull up, and came RUNNING to Joshua. They hugged for a long time. Not gonna lie...I got a little choked up over it. He didn't know the fussing that went on about who was or was not going to bring him today. If he could choose, I'm sure he'd rather plan his own schedule and drive himself to see his friends at his own convenience. But he can't. I turned around to see Jim standing there, watching Crystal and Joshua hugging. I said, "look what you would've missed!"

We all had a great time celebrating Crystal. Joshua had a blast seeing his FRIENDS, and it was good for Jim to be around all the FRIENDS and meet some of the parents. I'm usually the one who takes Joshua and picks him up, so naturally I know everyone better.

We had a new girl join us today. She was in the "kid group" (under age 18), but has recently joined the adult FRIENDS. She was a hoot!

Here are a few of our conversations:

New Girl to Me: "Are you her mom (pointing to Crystal)?"
Me: "No, I'm Joshua's mom," and I pointed to him.
New Girl: (looks at my left hand) "You got a wedding ring?"
Me: "No."
New Girl: (humph!) (rolls eyes) "I do."
Me: "I mean, YES, I am married and YES, I have a wedding ring. It just doesn't fit on my finger." (I held off on telling her about how the arthritis in my left hand has made it impossible for my ring to fit over the gigantic and hideous knuckle on my ring finger)
New Girl: "Well, I got mine at Wal-Mart," and proceeded to show me a very gaudy, sparkly ring.


Jenni's Mom to New Girl: "Hi! I don't think I've met you...I'm Jenni's Mom."
New Girl: "She's mean to me."


New Girl to Jenni's Mom: "whose birthday is it, anyway?"
Jenni's Mom: "It's Crystal's!"
New Girl: "She's mean to me."


New Girl to Crystal: "how old are you anyway?"
Crystal: "35."
New Girl: "you drive?"
Crystal: "Naw, girl."
New Girl: "Why not?"
Crystal: "I don't know."
New Girl: "You got a wedding ring?"
Crystal: "No, silly."
New Girl: "I do."

It was such a fun time. We booked it on home and had to get ready for a wedding. This post is dragging on, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

"Let your father and mother be glad, and let her who gave birth to you be full of joy." Proverbs 23:25

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