Friday, May 15, 2015

Joshua: Therapeutic Rec, Spring Term

Joshua has had a great week at TR. This is the last week of the Spring term. They will have a break for about a month, and then will start a short summer term. He claims he is excited for the break, but I know better. The next 3 weeks will be fairly busy for him, and then there will be about 2 weeks where things are really hard for him, and he will be pretty anxious to start back to TR.

This ain't my first pony ride.

On Tuesday, they had a "field day," full of games and things like that. They had a cook-out at the TR Center for lunch. Which, next to going OUT for lunch, there's nothing the FRIENDS like more than a cook-out. Joshua said that he ate a "buh-guh" AND a hot-dog weenie...AND he ate some baked beans that made him "make a windy" when they got on the bus.


Holly picked him up this day, and that was such a blessing. I was able to come home and hang out with Clark. He and I went out for lunch, and to Target and stuff. It was a fun day.

On Wednesday, the FRIENDS jumped on the vans and headed down to the lake. They went on a boat tour and had lunch at the lodge there. Joshua said it was a lot of fun. This is a trip they typically take every year at this time, and they allll look forward to it. It's an all day trip, and since I had to have him at the TR Center at the crack of dark-thirty, I came home this day, too.

I've been trying to paint the ceiling in my kitchen, and let me just put this out there right now: I can paint. I have painted walls and trim and cabinets. I have no problem with it. But this? I wish I had paid someone to do it...because it's a small space, and I'm going on THREE DAYS. Ugh.

Yesterday morning, Joshua and I headed back down to Little Rock for the last day of Therapeutic Recreation for the Spring. They had plans to do games at the Center, and then head to lunch at a restaurant...and then to one of the museums.

There's a couple of spots on our drive where we have to come to a complete stop every day. I mean, EVERY DAY. There have been maybe two days all semester that we haven't had to stop. So I was clicking along and saw the brake lights at the familiar spot, and I slowed down. And then I stopped.

And then, because I am always watching the drivers around me, I looked in my rear-view mirror and realized the guy behind me was not stopping.

And he didn't.

He hit us HARD from behind in his big Chevy truck. I wrote all about it here.

I spent the rest of the morning doing some last-minute shopping for graduation gifts, and then came back to the restaurant to pick up Joshua. I was soooo ready to come home, and he said he didn't care about going to a moo-see-um, anyway.

And, yes, we got cupcakes once we got back to town. I was just teasing when I put on Facebook that I needed a cupcake...but Joshua saw it, and took it for the Gospel-truth, and so, by golly...we had to have cupcakes!

They were so good!

nom nom nom nom nom...

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch upon the evil and the good." Proverbs 15:3

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