Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Facebook Post

This Mother's Day, I want to share some words from Lisa-Jo Baker that I shared on Facebook. These words touched my heart, because she says exactly what I feel. 

"I believe that we are all called to mother another. We mother the world that shows up at our doorstep whether we call it mothering or not. We mother whether we're married or we've ever borne down in the battle cry of birth. We mother because we're called to it...this flinging a life preserver to a drowning sister, child, college student, teenager, grandmother with the soft, wafer-thin skin, or that kid who always shows up at your backdoor the second you've turned off the ignition. We mother because we can't not. We give ourselves away...little bits and pieces of who we are, of our courage, of our deep faith even on the nights we're the most afraid. We bear down and we find ways to bring life to people desperate for air. We mother and motherhood is it's own mission field and no one is disqualified from serving." (Lisa-Jo Baker) 

Did you hear that? 


That means you, mom with all the kids and mom with one kid and mom with the healthy kids and mom with a kid who has challenges. It means you, mom who has lost her children, and the mom who is caring for her grandchildren, and the mom who has adopted children. 

And yousweet teacher...who has her hands full with her own children at home, but is so careful and tender to mother mine while they are in her care. And you, speech therapist, who works tirelessly with my child. And you, kind lunchroom lady, who made sure my child only got cake on Fridays. 

There's you, nice post-office lady, who always asked about the packages I sent each week to my college boy. And the athletic trainer who watched over my kids and was the first one on the scene if something happened, holding my place until I could get there...that's the heart of a mother, right there

And you, sweet nurse who brought my child a balloon when he was in the hospital, and then prayed over him and were a stranger, mothering me...and mothering my child. 

I see you, sweet, single lady in town...who has no children, but cares for all of ours. You're a mom for sure. 

Foster moms out there? You are doing the hard work of mothering...of loving and giving and forgiving and giving over...again and again. The lady who worked in the office at school, who kept me updated on my child during the day, and not just him...but also on the other ones who might need a little extra're a mom. There's the friend who picked up my children and treated them as her own. And the Wal-Mart cashier who made my boy feel special every time we got in her line...who brought him gifts from her vacations. You were a stranger, but you were a friend. And a MOM. 

Let's celebrate all women today..."we mother and motherhood is it's own mission field and no one is disqualified from serving." Happy Mother's Day!

"When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness." Proverbs 31:26

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