Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mexican Food And Caps & Gowns

Well, the grad announcements are done and in the mail! Yay!

Except for 2 that I'm still needing addresses on. And the ones for the people that I'll think of later and go, "OH MAN! I should've sent one to them!"

Joshua had a fun day at Therapeutic Recreation. They went to another school in town, and walked a mile with a group from that school...and then they went to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Which, if the FRIENDS would try to explain what they did today to you, they would go, "blah, blah, blah, AND WE WENT OUT FOR LUNCH!"

They were so excited!

Joshua said that he got a "lunch special" with 2 tacos...and that he forgot to say, "SOFT tacos," and got the crunchy kind. But, he said that he took his time and ate small bites...and did just fine. He said, "Blair got a quesadilla." And he pronounced it, "kay-sah-DIL-ah."

Which is so funny to us, because people in our family have ordered quesadillas since forever, and I know he's heard it pronounced correctly.

The FRIENDS had not eaten at this restaurant before, so they were checking out the menu. Joshua said that one of the FRIENDS was looking at the "drink" menu and saying over and over, "margahraynah...margahraynah (margarita)"

Because that's what you need...a van full of FRIENDS with a buzz.

I picked Joshua up at the restaurant, because it was about 15 minutes closer to our home. He missed out on the afternoon activities, but he didn't care because THEY WENT OUT FOR LUNCH!

While he was at TR, I had my hur did...and that always makes for a good day. Am I right?

There is a lady who seems to come in every time I'm there, and she is as mean as a snake. She has a "helper-lady" with her, that she bosses around and treats terrible. The mean lady will drive herself there, even tho she has to have help getting out of the car and into the salon...because she says she doesn't trust her helper-lady. And, instead of relying on the helper-lady to get her out of the car and into her wheelchair, she pulls right up front, takes up TWO parking places, and lays on the horn...until the stylist comes out and helps her in.

While she is there, she proceeds to talk bad about our president, other leaders, religion, different races and handicapped people...while using vulgar and colorful language. The first time I saw and heard her, I wondered why they put up with her at the salon. The stylist said that she still holds out hope that she can be a positive influence on her...but it's hard. They warn everyone before she comes in.

I peeked around the wall to tell the mean lady "good morning," and she glared at me.


I heard her tell the stylist: "You don't need to have the words, "beauty salon," in the name of your shop."
Stylist: "I don't?"
Mean lady: "NO, I've seen some of the women coming outta here, and I think you should call it, "best I can do" salon."

She's a real joy.

Anyway, after I picked up Joshua, we came home and I finished up Clark's grad announcements, and took them to the post office. I had to buy stamps, even tho Jim had given me 6 (insert slow-blinking face).

I had asked Jim yesterday if he had any stamps at his work I could have for the grad announcements. He keeps stamps there for his personal correspondence. He said, "Yes! I do!" And then gave me 6 stamps. SIX. STAMPS.

Anyway, after I got out to the car, I noticed that the mailman had given me stamps with flowers on them.


I'm going with it.

The other thing that happened is that Clark picked up his cap and gown at school today, and then sent me a picture of himself with it.

Which explains how I may or may not have ended up in a ball on the floor.

"...weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

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