Saturday, April 11, 2015

Joshua's Week-Therapeutic Rec: 4/7-4/9

Joshua had a good week at Therapeutic Recreation. The new programmer, Ms. Kendra, is really trying to make a concerted effort to keep the FRIENDS moving and active. She has them walk around the little trail by the TR Center several times every morning before they get started. Even if their first activity is "Fitness."

This has caused no shortage of complaints concerns from the in particular took a secret poll, to see if they could agree to be healthy just ONE DAY A WEEK...and maybe eat out and watch movies on the other days.

What's wrong with that, right?

On Tuesday, they went to a botanical park. At one point, one of the FRIENDS had her picture made with Joshua. Jenni-the-girlfriend got much upset over it, and apparently Joshua told her to, AND I QUOTE: "build a bridge and get over it."

They all walked around and looked at all of the pretty trees and flowers, but let's not kid ourselves. The star of the show for the whole day was the trip to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. The FRIENDS be likin' them some pizza.

On Wednesday, they did their walking again...and then went out to a park by the Arkansas River. They walked the bridge out there...had a picnic lunch...and walked the bridge back. Jenni had a meltdown because apparently she was taking the walk at a leisurely pace, and Ms. Kendra asked her to pick it up a little.*

*NOTE: This is the story I could totally be a bold-faced lie exaggerated.

But Joshua said that he was tired of everyone getting on to Jenni...that they need to "get off Jenni's back."

Speaking of "backs," he said that if she just weighed less, or he weighed more, he would PUT HER ON HIS BACK AND CARRY HER.

Holly picked Joshua up from TR on Wednesday, and he was so happy to see her. Because of her nursing-school schedule, she hasn't been available to pick him up too much lately. He is always thrilled when she can!

On Thursday, they did their walking on the trail thing...and then they did some Wii dance at the Center for fun. After that, they had lunch there. As a matter of fact, Joshua said that while the last song was still playing, one FRIEND marched herself to the kitchen and got out her lunch.

Girl be HONgry.

They were scheduled to go to the gym after lunch, but I picked Joshua up early. I was concerned about the weather...we had severe weather in the forecast...and I did not want to be on the Arkansas River bridge if a tornado was coming. Or even if there was going to be strong winds, hail and blinding rain.

No, thanks, I shoo-shoo.

Clark's girlfriend, Faith, tells the story about a toddler she knows...not sure if it's in her family or what...but they would ask if she needed her diaper changed, and the little girl would say, "no thanks, I shoo-shoo."

So, we say that all the time now.

We made it home safely from Little Rock, and so did Holly. As a matter of fact, we went straight to the grocery before we got home. I saw Holly's car in the parking lot at the store, so, once we got inside, we started looking for her. I saw her a couple of times, and we tried to sneak up on her. Joshua was having a big time with it, except he is not sneaky. Not at ALL.

Oh, he was hunched-over and kind of tip-toeing...but the whole time he was going, "heeheeheeheeheehee..." in his deep and raspy "Fred voice."

The fact that I can run into my daughter at the grocery store is such a sweet gift. I am overwhelmed that God would deal so tenderly with allow us this time in the same town.

We watched the weather all night, and, fortunately for our tornadoes.

"The LORD watches over you..." Psalm 121:5

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