Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pah-sketti, Purple and Prayer Requests

Today at Therapeutic Recreation, Joshua's group made spaghetti and then ate it for lunch. They also had salad and bread.

As always, they were divided into groups. Joshua said his group was "sauce," and that they put onions, tomatoes and leaves in their sauce.


I'm sure he was talking about a Bay Leaf, but it was still funny to hear him say it: "There was a LEAF in my pah-sketti!"

I was able to meet Holly for a quick lunch. We ate Chick at the mall, and did a little shopping. Clark's Senior Day at church is in a couple of weeks, and I decided that our family should all wear I was looking for a purple dress for Holly and a purple shirt for Clark. Everyone else has something to wear. Our church does not require this...I just thought it would be fun.

And then I thought we could get someone to take our picture in front of the "hanging frames" in our church lobby...that were put up at Easter. :)

Which, SPEAKING OF GRADUATION, I told Clark that we are kinda under a time-crunch to get his grad announcements out in time. I asked him if he had a special Bible verse that he wanted on them, or if he wanted me to choose one. In a few minutes, he texted me two verses, and said either one would be fine.

One was from Leviticus, and the other was from Amos.

It was at this point that I had a moment of real pride. Not even kidding. I was seriously impressed that Clark chose verses from the Old Testament. I mean, it wasn't Psalms or Proverbs, it was the OLD, Old Testament.

Clark knows his Bible, and I was giving myself an imaginary pat-on-the back for raising such a great kid. Oh, and Jim, too. He had a small hand in it as well. I'M KIDDING.

WELL. What is that saying, "OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN?" Because that's pretty much how I felt after I looked up those two verses:

Leviticus 16:12, "He shall take a firepan full of coals of fire from upon the altar before the LORD and two handfuls of finely ground sweet incense, and bring it inside the veil."

The little weasel.

And this one from Amos 6:9, "And it will be, if ten men are left in one house, they will die."

Oh, someone is about to die, my friend.

It would serve him right if I used one of those verses. Or one that says for him not to forget the teaching of his mother and father. Or how not to be a pain in the bum-roosky.

What? That's not in the Bible?

Anyway, back to my story...

When I got there to pick up Joshua, his girlfriend, Jenni, came walking down the hallway. She was crying. And before you think, "awwww..." let me just tell you that crying among the girl FRIENDS at TR is pretty much an every day occurrence.

And it doesn't take much.

When she saw the Director, Mrs. Sherrie, standing there beside me...she straightened up real quick. She said, "I'm crying because I'm tired." Mrs. Sherrie said, "suck it up, girlfriend."

It was funny.

On the way home, I asked Joshua if he had hurt Jenni's feelings and made her cry. He said, "I don't think so, but if I did...I'm sure she'll tell me."

After I got home, I made cookies for choir practice, picked up Holly and headed to church.

During practice, our music minister shared a little about his daughter, who is having some serious health issues.They are taking her for a special treatment up in Washington, DC next week. My heart is so tender for their situation, because I remember many uncertain days with both Joshua and Clark.

Your prayers would not be wasted on their behalf. Their daughter's name is Ruthie, and she's 9. Her treatments are on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

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