Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grad Announcements & Bird Watchin'

Today has been a good day. I got up and took Joshua to Little Rock for Therapeutic Recreation. His group was doing arts and crafts, and then going to the community center for kickball.

You'd think they would've learned by now:

FRIENDS + kickball = someone is gonna be crying before the game is done.

And they were. Joshua said that he didn't see WHO kicked the ball, but it ended up hitting Jenni right in the throat.

I'm getting all of this info 2nd hand today. Well, it's first hand, from Joshua, but it's after he's already told Holly all about it.

Holly told me that she could pick up Joshua this afternoon, so after I dropped him off, I came straight back home. I had all of these ideas of how I was going to spend my time "off." I was going to paint (not a picture...a wall. Or maybe touch-up the baseboards). I have been wanting to texture a wall up in Joshua's bathroom...and paint his bathroom cabinets. I have also pretty much finished with the "ancestry wall" of pictures I've done in my dining room. Holly has been such a big help to me with this. But, I still have extra pictures strewn out on my dining room table, along with extra frames. I had to move a serving table and 2 chairs out of the way to have access to the wall...and I've got all kinds of things stacked up on that table.

I had the idea that I would get in there and really get that room all put back together. Also, I noticed that there are several areas in my kitchen...cabinets and island...that could really use some touch-up paint.

There are several other things on my "list..." I'm just telling you that there was an abundance of things to be done, and I did none of them.

I know.


What I DID do is work on Clark's grad announcements, so my day was not completely wasted. And I had lunch with Jim, and that was fun.

I am super thankful for "ordinary" days. I really appreciate the times when Holly can pick up Joshua for me. It gives me some time to be by myself, or be with just Jim...have lunch with him or hang out here at home. It's rare that I'm home when Joshua is not...and, for some reason, I feel like I have to work like a horse when he's gone, so that I'm not wasting my time.

But there's nothing wrong with just doing some simple things like writing, or reading a book, or baking cookies...or talking to a friend.

Or just sitting and watching the hummingbirds.

Hello, I don't believe we've met. My name is Marty and I'm 90 years old.


But seriously.

I put the feeders out the other day, because my mother-in-law asked me about them, and I said, "well, when is it time to put them out?" And she said, "NOW is the time. RIGHT. NOW."


Okay, Mammaw. I put the dang feeders out, and then began the watching process. Yesterday morning, we had our first bird. I may or may not have taken a picture of it through the blinds. And then I sent the picture to Jim and Holly with the caption: I HAVE MY FIRST BIRD!

My life is seriously so exciting.

Also, in a matter of hours, I had two hummingbirds out there and they were fighting over the feeders. AND I HAVE TWO FEEDERS.

See? It's not just people that can't get along.

Then, last night, Jim told me that we needed to put some "sticks" out there for the hummingbirds to "lite" on.

WHAT? These birds are getting high maintenance and it's only Day 2 of The Hummingbirds. He told me to take some of the curly willow sticks that we have out in the garage, and stick them out in the flower pots close to the feeders...WHICH I DID, because I'm a first-born and I usually do what I'm told without sassin' back. 

And low-and-behold...this afternoon, there was a hummingbird sitting on those curly willow sticks, guarding the feeder.

Tonight, Clark's girlfriend had her "gallery night" for her photography class. We went up to her school and looked at her work, and then we went to Chick for dinner.

And now I will sign off because I've probably bored you to death. And because I need to put a load of clothes into the dryer, and fold the pile of clean towels that I threw on my bed. Or at least move them to the chair...

"I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works." Psalm 145:5

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