Monday, April 20, 2015

Tornadoes And Rainbows (Hey, That Rhymes!)

Last night, we had a tornado warning for our county. We had no idea the weather was even that bad. We may or may not have been watching Tarzan on our TV when the warning scrolled across the bottom of the screen.


Holly was at our house at the time. Aaron-the-son-in-law had gone to visit his parents, and she was home studying for a test.

When I talked to her this morning at church, she mentioned wanting to go out to Target and check out their Lilly Pulitzer collection. She had been so excited for today, because LP is ex-pen-SIVE. She has a couple of LP items that were bought on the sale rack, because GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

Anyway, we had Sunday School and church, and our married son and daughter-in-law were here...and things were kind of busy with lunch and packing and them leaving...but after they left and things settled down, Holly called to see if I wanted to run out there with her. We drove out there...for nothing. Apparently, they sold out on-line and in stores in a matter of minutes. Oh, well.

We hurried home, because coming out of the store into the parking lot, we could see the clouds and the storm forming. 

So, Holly stayed here and she was studying...and I had the TV on, too, because FAMILY ROOM. She said, "we are under a tornado warning." And Jim and I both said, "warning, or WATCH?" She said, "warning," and pointed to the screen.

So I did what any good Arkansan would do...I went outside, stood by the body of water in my backyard, and looked up at the sky. I mean, that's what Jim usually does. Tonight, tho, he got out his lap-top and started looking at advisories and power-outages. I called upstairs to Joshua, and asked him to come hang out downstairs for a while. He was pretty nervous about the weather.

And just so you don't think I'm the ONLY crazy one, our backyard neighbors were GRILLING OUT. During a tornado warning. Those crazies. And it smelled so good that I went in the house and made myself a little snack...and went back out to watch the sky. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, my snack was a few Cheetos in a cup.

Hey. Whatever it takes, man.

The bad weather went just north of us. The sky, the clouds, the lightning...was an amazing and powerful display of the glory and handiwork of God.

If we know bad weather is coming, I am prepared. Like, shoes-and-jacket-on-and-got-the-closet-under-the-stairs-ready prepared. Tonight, I really wasn't scared at all. We weren't having any of the indications of a tornado in our wind, and it was barely even sprinkling. 

When the weather passed, Jim and I decided to make breakfast for dinner. Holly ended up going back to her house to finish studying, and to be there when Aaron got home. And, to get things ready for the week. 

When the last pancake was done and warming on a plate, I stepped back outside...and the BIGGEST rainbow you've ever seen was up in the sky. One of those rare times when you could see the whole rainbow. It stretched all the way across the sky, and it.was.gorgeous. I mean, look at God showing out!

I love rainbows, don't you?

When Clark was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2, they found a malignant tumor, the size of a man's fist, growing out of his liver. They removed the tumor and part of his liver...and it left a big scar across his little tummy. The scar is in the shape of a rainbow. He has several small scars from that time in his life, but the rainbow scar? He is a healthy, 19 year old, high school senior, but every.single.time I see it...I am gripped in my heart.

Who am I that God spared this child's life? 

To me, a rainbow is a symbol of God's faithfulness. His reminder in the sky that He is still here.

He sees us, and He loves us.

"The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

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