Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Joshua's Trip to Murry's: Nana's Underwear

Well, you had to know it couldn't last. The peace. The friendship. The love. The times of everyone getting along.


About that.

I forgot to say that one of the things Joshua's Therapeutic Recreation group did yesterday on their first day back...was sat around and "brainstormed" on ideas for activities they wanted the group to do this semester. As with, drama ensued. One FRIEND always suggests golf, and one other FRIEND always gets upset about that because her brother used to work at the golf-course YEARS AGO and now he doesn't...and it would make her too-too sad to go to that golf-course now. You know, because of her brother.

And he's not dead or anything...he just has another job.

And one FRIEND suggested "Sonic." Which, can you say TWO LARGE HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE VANS? And can you say JUST TRY TO GET ALL THE FRIENDS AT THOSE SMALL RED TABLES BC SOME OF THEM HAVE WHEELCHAIRS AND ONE HAS A CANE. And Joshua said, in his best "Fred voice" which is a voice that only he can use and he only uses it at certain times...and this would be one of those times: "we can't go to SONIC...that's not healthy food!"

And so it went.

They wrote down all of these suggestions on the big dry erase board.

And, this morning, while all the FRIENDS were arriving, one of them sneaked around and erased the word "YOGA" from the board...because apparently they didn't like that suggestion.

And Jim commented, "some of them just don't want to do any exercise," and I said, "ix-nay on the alking-tay" because Joshua was sitting right there, and it sounded like something that would most definitely get repeated.

"My Dad says that some of YOU just don't want to do any exercise."

Today, Joshua's group went to a dinner playhouse called "Murry's." They typically go to Murry's once each semester. At Murry's, they also serve a buffet meal. Joshua said he didn't "over-do it on the food." He said, "I just had SALISBURY STEAK, mashed potatoes, a roll, HAM, and some BAKED FISH. And a piece of cake."

You know, a "light" meal.

When I asked what show they were going to see, he said, "I don't know...something about Grandma and her naughty knickers."

Well that can't be right, can it?


Yes, yes it CAN be right.

The show is called "Nana's Naughty Knickers." It's about a girl who decides to spend the summer living with her grandmother in New York...and she discovers that her grandmother is selling handmade naughty UNDERWEAR out of her apartment.

Sounds like a perfect show to take all the FRIENDS to, right?

Joshua said there were picture frames with panties in them and that "one girl was dressed in an outfit that went like this," and he indicated with his hands that there was something big going on in her...uhhh...chesticle area.

He said it was "hilariously funny," and that Mammaw and her "old lady friends" would love it...but it would just make Papaw mad...because there was NO SINGING. He can't hear the talking...just the singing.

I'm thinking that if the costumes were anything like Joshua described, my father-in-law wouldn't really care if he heard the words or not!

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing..." Philippians 2:14

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