Sunday, January 18, 2015

He's Making All Things New

Such a great day today! God blessed Central Arkansas with some amazing weather this weekend. Such a nice treat after several yucky, rainy, cold days.

We went to Sunday School and church today. This morning in choir, we re-hashed one of the songs from our Christmas musical. Kinda taking it easy during the month of January before we have to start working on our Easter music.

Which, we have already gotten a couple of our Easter songs and OH MY WORD I love them.

This morning, we sang a song called "In A Moment." I can hardly sing this song without crying. One of the verses reads:

"All the broken, they're no longer broken as they dance before Him, a radiant debut...And the lion walks beside the Lamb, and all is well again...He's making all things new."

The part about the broken makes me think of my precious Joshua...who is most certainly NOT broken in our eyes, or in the eyes of God...but some in the world would say that he is; it also makes me think of my sweet Dad...who now struggles through each day, physically speaking, because of his Parkinson's disease. And it makes me think of my friend, Micah, who is fighting cancer with all of her might...and is now, in her words, "numbering her days" to make them all count. 

Oh come quickly, Lord Jesus, and make all things new.

After we sang in the 2nd service, I went out to sit with my family. I asked Joshua, "how did we sound?" He said, "the choir was pretty good...but Holly was GREAT!" Holly sang on the praise team today. 

How awesome would it be if we all had someone like Joshua in our corner all the time? 

Yesterday, a girl from church invited me to go to lunch...and then this morning, first thing, a girl who is in my SS class AND in the choir with me...invited me to go to lunch with HER.

I'm so excited, and so thankful for these little glimpses of hope from the Lord that He does indeed have a purpose for us being at this church. We've always known that He does...just haven't seen much evidence of why He wanted us here.

We "hanged around" (Joshua's words) this afternoon. We watched the Seahawks (WHAT A GAME!) win and there may or may not have been some "nappage" going on. Holly and Aaron came over. Holly and I went on a walk, and Aaron and Joshua played a football game or two on the PS4. We couldn't decide what to have for dinner. We talked about going to IHOP, because Jim said "breakfast for dinner" sounded good. We decided that we could whip that up at home faster and cheaper than we could if we went we did! 

Holly did some studying for a big test that she has tomorrow, and they stayed for most of the Colts/Pats game before heading home.

Before they left, I asked Holly if she needed/wanted anything from my pantry. I asked her if she wanted any tuna, because that's one of the things Jim brought back from his Mom's house. She buys it IN BULK for some reason. We just don't eat that much tuna, so I don't know what he was thinking...unless it was that his youngest brother, Jeffy, was going to be there this weekend...and he wanted to get all the tuna before Jeffy did. 

ANYWAY, Holly said that she didn't take tuna in her lunch much anymore, because some of the girls in her nursing school class commented that it smelled up the whole room...which got JIM on the subject of the baby crockpot pea situation from yesterday...which got him so riled up...and he said, "WELL. I think it is VERY SHALLOW for people to COMPLAIN about what someone has to EAT..." and he glanced over at me.

And to that I said, "I see your high-and-mighty-ness...and raise you this bag of barf." 

"And He who was seated on the throne said, 'Behold, I am making all things new...'" Revelation 21:5

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