Sunday, January 11, 2015

The UN-Icy Sunday

The meteorologists had been predicting icy weather for a week. We finally got it this morning, and it wasn't that bad.

I'm very thankful...we never want ice. My husband works for the utility company, and ice is never, EVER good. When we get ice, it's all hands on deck: linemen, managers, customer service...everyone works long hours, sometimes away from home...because we send crews to help out our neighboring states, when it's needed.

I would not, however, have minded a nice, pretty snowfall, and a day off from school tomorrow.

Is that too much to ask?

Joshua had been campaigning for us to just go to church service only, and skip out on Sunday School..."because of the weather." Our former pastor (Joshua's favorite) was preaching...and Holly was on the praise he most definitely didn't want to miss the service. When we woke up and it was 31 degrees and raining...freezing rain? Well, he made a convincing argument.

But we went...and stayed for it all. And I'm so glad we did.

It should be noted that, presumably because of the weather, we had SEVEN PEOPLE in choir this morning. S-E-V-E-N.

AND we were singing the special music.


I know that it's not about us and not about how good (or bad) we sound and not about who all is there and who isn't...I know it's about our hearts and that it's our offering of praise to the Lord. I KNOW.

But it was pitiful, y'all.

I walked into Sunday School, after we sang, to see two choir members WHO WERE NOT IN CHOIR IN THE EARLY SERVICE...just sitting in class like nobody's business.

They are both on my bad list. 


Second service was much better because more people came.

I had given Joshua my umbrella because his Sunday School class meets in a building not attached to the main building, and he has to walk outside. I showed him how to push the button, and told him the umbrella would pop up. He said that he made it fine until he was trying to get it down and get in the building. He kind of had a hard time with it, and, being that he's (apparently) MADE OF SUGAR, and didn't want to get one drop of water on him...I feel certain there were some Downsy bad words goin' on.

Like my father-in-law likes to say, "made me want to say my Sunday School lesson back'ards."

Anyway, Joshua said that when he got to his class, there was only 1 other person in there, and Joshua didn't know the guy. He said that they sat around for a while, and then Joshua said, "look, we can sit here or go on over to church early...because I can't teach this lesson...TEACHING IS NOT MY SPIRITUAL GIFT."

Alrighty, then.

We came home and ate lunch and turned on the football game. We were all sprawled out on the couch and love-seat and recliner, and a nap or two may have been taken. :)

Did anyone watch the Cowboy game? UGH. That call at the end? I totally thought that was a catch by Dez Bryant...and I don't care how many times they talk about the "Calvin Johnson rule."

So I may or may not have tweeted my displeasure about it, and my husband may or may not have called me out on it. He is of the opinion that women people who haven't played a down of football...should not be commenting about football.

And now I may have to block him from my Twitter.

"...wash me and I will be whiter than snow." Psalm 51:7

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