Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Day Back-Therapeutic Recreation

Today was the day Joshua has been waiting for for...count 'em...5 weeks!

Today, his Therapeutic Recreation started back. He was so excited!

I took him to get his hair cut yesterday. He wanted to look all fresh and clean for today.

He was up at the CRACK O'DAWN. Holly texted me to say that there was a bad wreck that had the interstate all backed up, so we waited a while before we left. Since it was their first day back, they were just going to stay at the Center, go over the ROOS (rules)...and generally get acclimated to the program again.

Joshua said, "If we have a brain-storming session, there'll be drama." I said, "NO THERE WON'T! Everyone will be so excited to see everyone else, that there won't be time for any drama."

What? Did I fall on my head?

Holly picked him up today and brought him home. He told me all about his day. He said, "when we started our brain-storming session...there was BIG DRAMA between two of the girl FRIENDS." Oh dear.

One of the other things they did was "reassess their goals." I'm not sure what that means. I'm not sure that Joshua knows what that means...but what happened was that the two staffers took each FRIEND aside and talked to them about 1 thing they thought they should work on. For Joshua, it was backing off from these two girl FRIENDS at TR. One or both of them are always hanging on him. Joshua says they are too clingy. Since there are more girls than boys who attend this program, this is an issue. All of the girls want a boyfriend, and all of the girls seem oblivious to the fact that he and Jenni have been dating 10-11 years.

Or maybe they just don't care!

In any case, it's something I've been talking to Joshua about here at home, so I am thankful they are reinforcing that at TR.

Because everyone needs to know about boundaries. :)

One of the other new "roos" is "NO SHARING FOOD." If I send Joshua a dessert, I will typically send one for Jenni as well. So, today, in honor of it being the first day back, I sent two small chocolate chip cookies...one for him and one for Jenni. And he said that today, even after they went over the "roos," he slipped that cookie to Jenni anyway.

And while I won't send an extra treat again, and I told Joshua to follow the rules...and I WANT him to follow the rules...I was secretly a little happy that he wanted to give it to her anyway.

"Whoever loves a fellow Christian lives in the Light, and will not cause anyone to stumble in his faith." 1 John 2:10

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