Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rhodes: One Week (BEST DAY EVER)

So, on Friday, Aaron-the-son-in-law went back to work. He had been off work since last Friday, when Holly went into labor...the day Rhodes was born.

I don't think Holly was looking forward to him going back to work, and I don't blame her. But we live just around the corner, and I had planned on spending the day at her house.

In fact, I think my EXACT WORDS were that I would be watching from around the corner, and as soon as I saw his Jeep head down the street, I would be turning onto their road...and pulling up in their driveway. Ha!

But she called, and said that Aaron was going to drop her and Rhodie off at our house! And I may or may not have done the happy dance.

I was sad for Aaron, but I think he was anxious to get back to work. After we got settled, she told me I could hold Rhodie...and I told her to take a rest if she could. She slept for 2 hours, and it was glorious for me for her, because she needs the rest so badly.

My goal for the day was to do whatever I could that would help her rest. She's got all of those new mommy feelings. At night, when the room is dark, and she can't see his chest rise and fall, she worries. I don't blame her. I want to tell her to let it go...that we can't stay awake 24/7 for the rest of their lives...and that we can only do so much, and then we have to trust God.

I believe all of that, but I've been in her shoes, four different times. And I know how hard it is.

So we hung out here all day. All morning, I sent pictures to Jim, of me holding Rhodie on my chest. He texted, "I'll be there after lunch...I can't wait to see him." I texted back, "NO. ALL MINE." Because I'm mature like that.

True to his word, he was home right after lunch. I heard him coming in the door, and hid Rhodie under a blanket. Jim wasn't fooled. He said, "let me wash my hands...and then GIMMEE."

Next to arrive was Clark. He'd had a long, hard, hot day at the sun...with a bunch of kids with special needs. But his face LIT UP when he walked in the door and saw Rhodes.

We decided to order Chinese food for dinner. Aaron made it here, just as Rhodie was having his nightly fussy time. Holly is trying to nurse him every 3 hours, and so Aaron was trying to keep him occupied and distracted until it was "time." Rhodie was NOT HAVING IT. He was MAD...and he was hungry. Or, he thought he was.

At some point, I started singing, "You'll Be In My Heart," (the song from Lion King)...and Holly started crying. She said, "MOM. STAHHHHHP."

Meanwhile, Rhodie was still fussy.

Joshua said, "Aaron, I think he's mad that you went to work."
Aaron: "Well, I think he understands that I have to make a living."
Joshua: "I don't know."
Aaron: "I have to start saving for him to go to Kanakuk...he can go there when he's 5 or 6 years old."

**Holly started crying.**

Aaron: "And, not only that...but I have to start saving for his college fund...for him to go to OBU."

**And Holly started crying AGAIN.**

Joshua stared right at Aaron, and Downsy man-child said, "Don't blink, Aaron, or it might be like in that Kenny Chesney's song, where Rhodie is 25 years old, and marrying his high-school sweetheart..."

**And Holly started crying.

And I may or may not have gotten all up in my feels.


So, Rhodes is 1 week old today. His favorite things are: his mommy, his thumb, and making poopie diapers.

We already can't imagine our lives without him. He's what we have all been waiting for...and we didn't even know it! He was definitely worth the wait! Seeing Holly as a mother is amazing. I can't even put it into words. SIDE NOTE: She wrote a labor/delivery post over on her blog, 'Tis The Season (to be Holly), and I'm sure it's great and all...but I only made it through the first half before I decided that I just couldn't read all of that right now.

She's a great little Mommy. One week in, and she is getting to know what Rhodes he likes to sleep, how he likes to eat, how he likes to be swaddled. "They" say a baby changes everything, and it's true. I love how motherhood is changing her.

And seeing her brothers as uncles? It is so sweet. They are over the moon with him. 

We had the best day with Rhodie. :)

 "I will lie down and sleep peacefully, for You, Lord, make me safe and secure." Psalm 4:8


  1. I can vividly remember going to my moms house with my first baby, taking a shower, and falling asleep for a couple of hours and thinking it was the biggest accomplishment in the world! Win win for all! Maybe that can just be your routine for the next few weeks!

    1. Hope so! That would be AWESOME!

      (and you have an AWESOME mom...but I'm sure you already know this)